Variations in Online Bingo Games

When you’re deciding which online bingo site to use, you should think carefully about the variations in online bingo games offered. Although bingo is a straightforward game for the most part, you should be aware that there are actually numerous ways to play. If you’re a beginner and looking to get into bingo, this post will introduce you to the variations of online bingo that can be found on bingo websites in the UK and is a good starting point for you to learn about the different versions of bingo found online.

The benefits of playing bingo online 

Before we dive into the details of the variations in online bingo, we’d just like to touch upon the reasons why playing bingo online is beneficial. While COVID-19 remains a scourge on our lives, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to go to bingo halls any time soon. The prevalence of online bingo means we can enjoy bingo from the comfort of our own homes and also enjoy interactions with our friends and other players on the platform. Moreover, because there are so many sites vying for your attention, you can make use of a comparison site like to find the best sign-up offers and promotions for you.

Popular bingo games 

In the UK, the most traditional bingo game is played with ninety balls, and you can play this game on all the popular bingo websites available to British users. It’s important to note that in some countries such as the US and Canada, bingo is traditionally played with 75 balls, so you should bear this in mind when considering the type of game you wish to play. On most websites, 90 ball bingo is simply referred to as Bingo90. In its simplest form, the winner is the person who scratches off a row of numbers. To get a full house, you need to scratch off three lines on your bingo card. Many versions of Bingo90 online incorporate chat rooms and in-play bonuses to keep you entertained throughout the duration of the game.

While Bingo90 is the most typical form of bingo enjoyed by players in the UK, you can also find variants of the traditional format for those looking for shorter games. Many of the biggest online bingo sites in the UK, such as Tombola, offer Bingo75, which follows a very similar format to Bingo90, just with some slight alterations. Other bingo sites even offer Bingo30, which is an even shorter version of the traditional format. Bingo30 is often referred to as speed bingo, and because it only usually has one winner per game, it means the stakes are normally higher.

Whichever game you decide to play online, you can be sure to find the rules listed below the game. Even if you are an experienced bingo player, you should check the rules of the different variations of bingo, as there may be specific promotions or bonuses available that you’re not necessarily aware of.

Many online bingo sites offer bingo games with a twist. While they often follow a similar format to traditional bingo, they are often influenced by a popular game show or game format that adds an extra dimension to the game. A great example of this is Deal or No Deal Bingo as offered by online bingo site BGO. They also provide various other games, including Big Bang, Need for Speed, and Cheap as Chips. This is one significant benefit of playing online instead of at a bingo hall, as these quirky variations are often unique to specific online bingo platforms and can be enjoyed from home. These variations also incorporate special bonuses into the games, making it enjoyable for you to explore many of the different platforms that offer these types of opportunities.

In addition to these novelty games, many of the biggest online bingo sites have various bingo slot machine-style games that you can play and enjoy. If we take Gala Bingo as an example, they have numerous slot bingo games such as Big Banker, Buckets of Gold, and Rainbow Riches that you can play and enjoy on their site. Each slot game follows a slightly different format and can be enjoyed from just a few pence per play. Having such an option available to you means you can spend time on a bingo site and enjoy many different experiences. Every bingo site offers a different type of slot game, so be sure to do your research so you can find experiences and games that match your interests.