Unmasked Man Panty Raids Walmart, Surrenders to Dog

  • Jason D. Daddario threw a rock at a Connecticut McDonalds after being refused service.
  • He felt into a Walmart where he stole several pairs of women's underwear.
  • Daddario surrendered when state troopers threatened to release a police dog.

We’re all trying to figure out the recent laws and regulations for social distancing and donning masks. Listen, the safest thing to do for yourself and others is to always wear a mask (if you need one, check out these weird online stores), and stay six feet away from other people. The Hartford Courant reported an unmasked Connecticut man threw a tantrum and a rock when an area McDonalds refused him service. It’s an unfamiliar world, and sometimes it’s hard to process the emotions that come up from losing a sense of normalcy, like a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese. 

Photo by Joiarib Morales Uc on Unsplash

The man, 37-year-old Jason D. Daddario, agreed to leave the McDonalds but not without a parting shot. He threw a rock through a window at the restaurant and took off to a nearby Walmart. At that point the state police got involved. He stole several pairs of women’s underwear from the Walmart and tried to take off running from state troopers. He surrendered after they threatened to release a police dog. 


Authorities charged him with criminal mischief and breach of peace. All-in-all, probably not how Daddario wanted his Friday night to go. But I get it. There are some days stuck in quarantine when I want to throw a rock at my own windows. Stealing women’s underwear from Walmart is less relatable, however. You also have to give it to the guy for knowing when to surrender. Those police dogs love taking down bad guys. Rough as it might be not getting a value meal from Mickey D’s, a trained shepherd taking you into custody is even rougher.  These dogs don’t mess around

Photo by visuals on Unsplash
Just wear a Mask

Wearing masks has become political, with some people refusing to maintain their personal liberty. At a Family Dollar store in Detroit, two men shot and killed security guard Calvin Munerlyn after he refused an unmasked woman entry to the store. Given that extending courtesy to others by wearing a mask also protects you from coronavirus, it’s a win-win to follow city, state, and store guidelines requiring masks in public. Especially when those refusing to adhere to the ordinances are murderers and panty-thieves. That’s a rough group to get lumped in with.