TSU Professor Claims Vampires Live Among Us

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Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash


Do you believe in the supernatural? Well according to John Edgar Browning and Joseph Laylock, you should. Vampires are out there. And they drink more than just drink your blood…

How Many Vamps Live In Your Town?

Academic researcher for Louisiana State University, John Edgar Browning, says there are at LEAST 50 vampires in New Orleans ALONE! According to Dailystar.co.uk, vampires drink your life and emotional energy. And that there are more than 5,000 across the United States. Mr. Browning says that they meet through witchcraft-related and pagan groups, as well as goth clubs.

John Browning’s Vampires

“These social gatherings included Dark Shadows conventions and other vampire fiction and film fan organizations; bondage and S&M events, which were frequented by blood fetishists and others whom real vampires found to be willing blood donors,” Browning said according to Anomalien.com. “Vampire feeding, whether on blood or psychic energy, is always consensual, and generally always medically safe. The vampire and donor will each have their blood tested beforehand. Great care is taken by vampires and prey to use sterile tools to extract the blood.” Otherwise, they’re no different from the rest of us, so they’re hard to find. True vampires don’t think of themselves as undead monsters, but fully believe that they need blood from other living creatures to function properly. They will drink from animals as well. Interesting terms used here. If they’re willing, are they prey? If they use sterile instruments do they not use their teeth then?

Joseph Laylock’s Vampires

First some background on Laylock. Joseph Laylock is an assistant professor of religion at Texas State University and has claimed he has met vampires. According to Dailystar.co.uk, there is more than traditional-style known as Sanguinatian or ‘Sang’ vampires.

“Most vampires say that feeding helps them to sustain their health. Sanguinarians consume blood while psychic vampires believe they absorb the ‘subtle energy’ or life force from other living things. There are also ‘hybrid’ vampires who engage in both types of feeding. If psychic energy really exists, ordinary people cannot see or it or detect it so no one can ‘watch’ a psychic vampire absorb energy. When psychic vampires talk about feeding, their experiences vary widely. Some say they can ‘see’ people’s energy. Others say they can sense it or taste it. Many describe energy ‘tentacles’ coming off their body and attaching to the person they are feeding from. Some say they can feed more easily if they are touching the person they are feeding from, using their hands or, more rarely, their mouth.”


According to experts, blood-cravings purely psychological. What do you think? Are they real?

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