Trump Survives – Obama Not So Lucky – Lingerie Store Mannequin Display Attacked

  • It's an... Obamannequin. XD

Don’t you hate when you’re walking down the street and someone just won’t quick bugging you?

They just pester you and pester you and no matter what you do you can’t get them to leave you alone? Do you ever want to just drag them around by the arm of their coat and leave them laying in the street, armless and broken forever?

Well, this guy did. And the person pestering him? None other than Barrack Freaking Obama. Or rather, a Lingerie Store Mannequin Barrack Obama lookalike.

According to the gentleman (term used loosely) who assaulted the fake and inanimate president, Obama was talking to him and he didn’t like what he was saying. The reason for the assault was relayed to the press by Corine Lew, manager of the Manhattan Romantic Depot near Harlem.

41-year old Rewel Altunaga was charged with criminal mischief after assaulting the faux president, who was dressed as Santa as standing next to a President Trump mannequin wearing a MAGA hat. Reports say Fake Trump was unharmed.

Clearly, inanimate and completely-unable-to-speak Fake Trump knew when to keep his mouth shut. Unlike his counterpart, inanimate and completely-unable-to-speak Fake Obama.

Employees were shocked as Altunaga kicked the window where the mannequins were displayed. When that didn’t work to break the glass, Altunaga grabbed a cinderblock from a nearby construction site. He began dragging the Obama mannequin out of the window. He ended up ripping its limbs off and leaving it in a crumbled mess on the sidewalk.

Employees tracked down Altunaga and brought him back to the store to face the police. Altunaga didn’t try to deny that he attacked the display. And good thing, because the entire act was caught on a security camera. But really, whose word you are you going to take? Some rando on the street or a totally fake plastic president???

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