TikTok Reveals Surprise Twist in Mother/Daughter Pregnancy Tests

  • 24-year-old Rylee and her mom took simultaneous pregnancy tests when their periods were late.
  • One of them one pregnant, but it's not who you'd expect.

There are some charming things about social media. Like, the videos of couples married 30+ years who still prank each other. Or dogs getting excited to see their owners come home from deployment. At its core, social media is about seeking and often finding a connection. The dark side of social media–the selling of user information, spreading disinformation, and manipulating users, is more about the corporate entities that built them than the content generators themselves. 

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It was supposed to be funny.

24-year-old TikTok user Rylee (@rdubbb) went viral with a video viewed over 12 million times in just three days. The video of her and her mom requires an explanation, which Rylee provided in a subsequent post. She’d been feeling a little off for a few days, more tired and emotional than usual; her mom told her she was probably pregnant. Rylee didn’t think it was possible, but her period was late, so she took a pregnancy test. Her mom joked that her own period was also late, so she’d take a test at the same time. 

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The viral video shows both women facing the camera, with a waiting bottle of wine, ready to reveal their pregnancy test results. Both expected the sticks to read negative. But, surprise, the mom’s test was positive. 

In her explanation video, Rylee said that her mom believed she’d switched the tests to prank her. However, they retook them, and Rylee was still assuredly not pregnant, and her mom still was. The baby boy will join five other siblings. Later posts show that the entire family is overjoyed about the addition, despite the initial shock. 

Rylee posted a video where she’s enjoying the bottle of wine while her mom looks on with a look of chagrin. 

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Just authentic, life-changing news, caught on TikTok.

Usually, anything too cute that gets too much attention receives a fair amount of backlash about being fake. But when you watch the initial post from Rylee, you can see the absolute shock in her and her mom’s face about the test results. Her mom cries right away, and the video cuts off before you can see much more of the women’s reaction. 

They found out about the pregnancy back in July, so the new baby is due in March. Considering what a mess social media has been for the past few weeks, visit Rylee’s profile for a palate cleanse.