The Weirdest Things You Can Learn Online

There’s no denying it, the novelty of staying at home and binge-watching Netflix while eating our weight in snacks in quickly wearing off. COVID-19 has officially left us bored and longing for our old lives back as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, we have the internet and it is the one thing keeping many of us sane, we can use it to order groceries, catch up with family and friends and share those all-important memes that are spreading faster than the virus.

However, some of us are being even more productive to keep our brains active and even gain some real qualifications.

There are many online courses available for us to take but have you ever heard of some of these crazy ones? You can certainly say they’re unique and assume they won’t have many takers but you’d be surprised that people are actually paying for them and in their masses, too! You can click here to see the full breakdown.

These courses are CPD-accredited, which means they are a genuine qualifications you can put on your resume!

Survive a Zombie Apocalypse 

So a few months ago we probably didn’t think this was relevant but we are closer than we have ever been (but don’t worry, still far off). This course retails at over $200 and generated a revenue of around $1 million!

On closer inspection, it simply teaches basic survival skills like how to find water, build shelters and preserve foraged and hunted food. With the recent scenes in some grocery stores, maybe we should all take this course and avoid the next food shop.

Selfie Masterclass

You may be forgiven for assuming those Instagram influencers have little talent other than large quantities of vanity. However, getting those Insta-ready photos actually takes a lot of skill and one that many people wish they possessed.

This course teaches a beginners guide to photography with their smartphone, so no need to purchase expensive equipment. Over 2,500 people have opted for this qualification, paying over $520,000 collectively. Let’s hope it pays off!

Master American Slang

For around $150, you can learn to perfect your slang. This may seem like a waste of money to some but for non-native speakers, it can actually be essential.

Many of us learn a second language in the classroom from old textbooks and ageing tutors who make sure we master that crucial question ‘où est la bibliothèque?’

We may pass our exams with this knowledge but it actually provides very little help when abroad as native speakers will always have slang and dialect that aren’t written in any book.

Dance Floor Confidence

Do you dread dance parties due to your complete lack of coordination that even your dad outshines you with his dance moves?

You may want to improve this but the thought of taking dance classes makes you cringe. You can take this online class to not only improve your dance skills but the main focus is to improve your confidence.

So even if you are still atrocious on the dance floor, you can bust those moves with tenacity, over 3,500 are already doing so!

Learn to Talk to Animals

If you’ve been in quarantine for a while, you’re probably already having full conversations with your pets to keep sane and feel like you have some kind of social interaction.

It’s just a shame they don’t respond. But with this course, you can learn to communicate properly with them. This focuses less on verbal communication and more on body language.

Whether you’re a firm believer in the intelligence of your dog or just want a better understanding of how to get them to stop barking at the squirrels in your garden, you can teach yourself this for around $100.

Become a Jedi

Honestly, who doesn’t dream of being a Jedi? While this course doesn’t teach you how to use The Force (sorry to get your hopes up) it does teach you how to build your own light saber.

Specifically, Luke Skywalker’s one from Episode IV, however, these skills will give you the chance to adapt it to anyone you want.

If you’ve been coveting those amazing replicas but recoil by the thought of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on these, this course for just $25 is the next best thing. $50,000 dollars has already been spent on this course by the public.

Add Excitement to Your Life

Feel like your stuck in a rut? It can be hard to get yourself out of the boring normalities of everyday life and those frequently shared ‘inspirational’ quotes from your aunt Karen on Facebook just aren’t doing the trick.

This course helps you learn everything from making the most of your day job to weekend activities that inject some flair and keep your body and mind active.

Over 3,000 people have paid for this course, perhaps we need to as well?

Become a Tour Guide

Yes, we do need to stay at home for the time being but once COVID-19 has blown over, it is predicted the travel industry will experience a huge boom.

Why not make the most of this and make a quick buck from those visiting your hometown? This course teaches you the skills to give tours that are both educational and exciting to tourists.

With the course already generating $25,000 in revenue, you better get in quick before everyone steals this idea.

How to Build a Rocket

A great activity for adults and kids. If the children have been pulled from school, it’s important to keep educating them at home. However, they are most likely already protesting your homeschooling and having tantrums over some subjects.

This course not only teaches you how to make various rockets at home from household items but also gives a history of each one of them. That’s a science and history lesson in one! The slightly more advanced rockets also include some math skills.

Train Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill

We can’t get as much exercise as we’re used to at the moment. Some of us are thrilled with this and are permanently cemented on the couch.

Unfortunately, our pooches aren’t quite so happy. While nothing can completely replace an outdoor walk, after all, they need a good sniff of the environment, this could be the next best thing.

Especially if you own a breed with excessive amounts of energy, training them to walk on a treadmill can prevent too much energy building up and boredom can cause them to start chewing your favorite shoes or digging up your garden!

While these courses may seem a bit too weird for some, The CPD Standards Office provide thousands of credited online courses that can help you progress in your career and personal hobbies.