The Top 10 Funniest Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Instagram is great for seeing all sorts of awesome content, from recipes to cat pictures to hilarious memes. Throwing some laughs and positivity into your life by finding some great funny Instagram accounts to follow might be exactly what your feed needs, so beef it up with these ten accounts that will keep you scrolling and chuckling for hours! 

  1. Jeff Hamada @chillwildlife: Funny animals on Instagram is one of the best ways to get a giggle or two, and it’s popular to see cats and dogs scattered around the site. This user has taken and created a hilarious account full of animals of all kinds, literally just chilling. Jeff has also been using online services to increase his Instagram likes, which has allowed him to receive even more exposure on his photos.
  2. Claudia Oshry @girlwithnojob: This relatable Instagram account posts hilarious memes and jokes that are oriented towards women. It’s become quite a franchise, and the owner is a funny, unique individual. 
  3. Ben Soffer @boywithnojob: Inspired by @girlwithnojob, this account posts similar content that is oriented towards men instead of women, and is just as funny to scroll through as it’s predecessor.
  4. Euzcil Castaneto @satiregram: All of the Instagram cliches are acknowledged on this account, whose soul purpose is to make fun of Instagram users for being so basic, boring, and predictable. 
  5. Elliot Tebele @fuckjerry: An account that has already established a large following because of the hilarious text posts, memes, and pictures he consistently posts. Some of them are controversial, but that’s what it makes even funnier, especially diving into the comments!
  6. Vegar Landsverk @funnywhenitswrong: It’s mostly videos that make up the hilarious content that fills this account. Mildly inappropriate jokes, relatable memes, and controversial topics will get you giggling at things that are oh, so wrong!
  7. Cash Cats @cashcats: How about another funny cat account? You can never have too many of those. This one features cats surrounded by cash, in all currencies, looking fly! It’s hilarious to see these grumpy, fluffy felines posing with handfuls of bills. 
  8. Josh Hara @yoyoha: What is better than pictures of coffee cups on Instagram? Hilarious illustrations are expertly drawn on them that will keep you laughing. This artist and popular Instagrammer has created a series of cute and funny drawings on large coffee cups and captures attention with his unique style and creativity. 
  9. Anna Macfarlane @kidsaretheworst: What parent doesn’t enjoy seeing pictures of kids who might be even worse than their own spawn? As the account says, it’s okay to laugh! The content filling this account is all about kids, and it’s hilarious.
  10. Ex Texts @textsfromyourex: Salt and sass combine in the winning texts to an ex that should give you plenty of material to use when you get the dreaded “ex-text.” Relationships are hard, break-ups suck, and make-ups are even worse. These texts are relatable if you’ve had to deal with annoying exes!

With everything going on in the world, it can be easily forgotten that social media can still be fun. Enjoy these accounts to take a break from day to day monotony!