Devil’s River Bridge

Told by: Anonymous

Here is a true story that happened way back in 1982. I was tired and driving from California to Texas with a U-haul trailer and a woman who was to be my wife (she is an ex-wife now). It was dark, about 11 pm, and I was trying to find a hotel to stay for the night.

As I was driving, I had to use the bathroom, but of course, none was around. I pulled over to the side of the road and went to the back of the trailer so it could block me if needed. Now I’m 6′ tall—as I was peeing there was a freeway light a little behind me which cast a shadow but not much else. I’m going, and I see a shadow behind me, and it’s getting bigger and bigger until I noticed that it is getting bigger than me, so I don’t think I even zipped up. I started running back to the car without even looking back.  As I started the car, it seemed to me to be taking a while to move. Finally, it started moving, and we were off. My future wife asked me what happened, and just as I was about to tell her, we passed over a bridge, and the sign on the bridge said “Devil’s River Bridge.” So I had my second wind and drove for hours away from that place.

Illustration by Cami Ferreira