Craziest Facts About Sleep You’ll Want to Know

Told by: Paige Jirsa

Sleep is important for human beings, yet some do not know much beyond that.  The following are some of the most insane or interesting facts about sleep.

Life or Sleep?

The reality is a human being will spend about 1/3 of their life sleeping.  That is a
significant part of someone’s life that is slept away, but it’s good for your health.

11 Days

When it comes to sleep, most people get about 8 hours of sleep. Some people oversleep about an hour or two, but it doesn’t generally go beyond that.  Well, it might be interesting to know that the world record holder for sleeping is 11 (!) days.

Zombies Rising

Sleep walkers can definitely startle a person who isn’t expecting it, and they may look like zombies.  You may think sleep walking is a rare phenomenon, but the reality is about 15 percent of the population walks in their sleep.  Think about it, if you sleep alone, it might be hard to know you are doing it.

Black and White

Another interesting thing to know is that many dreams are in black and white. Yes, 11 percent of people don’t dream in color or any of the advanced color schemes you might expect from today’s TV screens.

Five Minutes

Most people dream, which is something people know, but did you know that you will forget about 50% of your dream within 5 minutes of waking.  This means you have 5 minutes to jot down everything that happened in your dream so you can talk about it later or base your latest work of art on it.

Weight by Sleep

This one is pretty strange, but getting a sufficient amount of sleep can help you lose weight.  This happens because sleeping reduces your appetite by a whopping 45 percent, which makes a big difference if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight.  Make sure you turn off the lights, keep the temperature in your room cool, and get comfortable sheets to promote good sleep.

Longevity With Sleep

Sufficient sleep promotes good blood circulation, helps you control your mood, and you know it can help monitor your appetite.  It is no surprise that a study shows that you can increase your life expectancy by simply getting enough sleeping.  Keep in mind that sleeping well means sleeping a full eight hours and always sleeping at the same time every night.

Hopefully, some of these facts help you learn more about sleep and why it is a little more interesting than you might have thought before. Be sure to talk to your health-care specialist if you are having trouble sleeping so that you can get to the bottom of the problem and regain your ability to sleep well.

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