Accidental Criminal

Told by: Mark
credit card roulette

I got arrested and charged with identity fraud and theft after a stupid mix-up—FML!

When my friends and I go out to eat, we play credit card roulette to see who pays for the meal. It’s a tradition, and we’ve been doing it since we were in high school. One night we went out to Applebee’s (fuck you, I love Applebee’s) and my guy friend brought a Tinder date, which is not super uncommon in our group.

Well, she turned out to be super strange, and she didn’t hit it off with my friend either. I think she kind of thought he and I were hooking up since we can get a little bit flirty after a couple of drinks. At the end of the meal, after a few margaritas, she was a good sport and played credit card roulette with us. One of my other friends had to pay (thank God), and we all went back to our disgusting lives.

Fast forward about two weeks later, when the police knock on my door to tell me I’m under arrest.

Under a typhoon of tears, I’m informed that I had been caught stealing some girl’s credit card and had been racking up charges.  So yeah, me and the Tinder disaster date had the same credit card at Applebee’s, and neither of us noticed. I was the only one using the card (her’s) over those two weeks too, as she claims to have “misplaced” hers.

She called fraud protection after about a week, and the credit card company called the police. It was easy to track me apparently.  Here’s the best part—she still hasn’t decided whether or not to drop the charges!