Sporting Activities to Try for the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives and created a new normal that most people are learning to live with. The crisis affected almost all our industries. All are struggling to adapt to sustain livelihood and stabilize the economy. The sports industry plays a vital role in helping people cope with the new normal. Although world leaders are discouraging sports activities, there are still non-contact sports that you may want to participate in, knowing that it is a lot safer than contact sports. Here are some non-contact sports for the new normal.

Table Tennis and Tennis

Table tennis and tennis are great sports from which to gain good health benefits. As a non-contact sport, you can still enjoy playing table tennis and tennis without the fear of direct contact, or the risk of injury. Both games provide mind-body stimulation, social interaction, and aerobic exercise.

Here are some of the skills and health benefits that you can develop from either sport.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination – You can improve your concentration, mental alertness, and mental sharpness with an intense match.
  • Developing Reflexes – The size of the court, table, and the ball helps develop sharp reflexes with the improvement of fine and gross muscle movements.
  • Burns More Calories – Tennis and table tennis burns a big number of calories for every match while having fun.
  • Rehabilitation of Joints – Both sports are great for people who had a history of back problems, had knee surgery, or twisting ankles from other games.

Yacht Racing

Yacht racing is one creative event where you can gain good overall health and fitness. The event can enhance your physical and mental state, as you may appreciate the whole game and nature’s most beautiful features.

Here are some health benefits that you can expect from yacht racing.

  • Improved Stamina – During yacht racing, you will notice some workout forms integrated with the sport. Tugging the yacht will increase the muscle stamina in your upper body.
  • Develops Stronger Cardiovascular Health – Yacht racing helps to improve your cardiovascular health. It also helps decrease the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and other related diseases.
  • Better Emotional State – Yacht racing is not your regular daily activity. If you are participating in an event, you are in for an exciting adventure that boosts your mental and emotional health.
  • Enhances Alertness – Every race requires much-needed attention to all specific details. Tugging and lifting of sails make you more flexible with any task on a yacht.


Chess is a great sport that you can participate in, which also promotes distancing from other people. As we live now in the new normal, we can still enjoy playing chess either face to face or online with an opponent.

The game of chess enhances our mental ability and helps us cope with the new normal.

  • Increases your IQ – The game of chess helps in producing a significant rise in IQ scores. With continuous practice, chess will help you get smarter.
  • It Helps in Treating Alzheimer’s Disease – Through the enhancement of your IQ, it can help prevent the development of dementia.


Wakeboarding is another activity that you can enjoy without having to interact with other people. All you need is a wakeboard and tower, like those by Aerial Wakeboarding, to help you stay fit and healthy even as we face the new normal. Here are some of the advantages of getting into wakeboarding:

  • Healthy Body – It helps strengthen your arms and legs. They are also great for making your extremities flexible.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: As you improve your skill, you can also increase your hand-eye coordination as it can help refresh your mind.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the sports industry is one of those that took a huge hit. When this is all over, it would be entirely different, but this should not curb our hunger for sports.

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