Ravens Steal Alaskan Customers Groceries From Them

  • And it’s not the first time. 

We’ve all heard of stolen groceries before, but stolen by birds? It’s not typical but it is happening and here’s the story. 

Customer, Matt Lewallen, was packing his groceries into his car when ravens swooped in to steal a short rib from his cart. “I literally took 10 steps away and turned around, two ravens came down and instantly grabbed one out of the package, ripped it off and flew off with it,” Lewallen said.

The meat was 4-by-7 inches large, a sizeable piece of meat for a sizeable bird. Once he got home, he noticed the birds had poked at but not taken another rack of ribs. 

“They know what they’re doing; it’s not their first time,” Lewallen said. “They’re very fat so I think they’ve got a whole system there.”

When he got home he said, “I cut that meat out and started marinating it and my wife said, ‘That’s gross, we should take it back,’ ” Lewallen said. “Costco actually took it back even after we had started marinating them and gave us a full refund.”

And this wasn’t the only sighting of the ravenous ravens. 

“My parents were minding their business after a shop and made it home with one less steak!” Kimberly Waller wrote on Facebook. “The bird snatched it right out of the pack in the parking lot.”

Tamara Josey of Anchorage replied to Waller’s comment and called the ravens “calculating.” They hovered above her, in attempt to steal her groceries, too. 

“I had two ravens, one that was on the car next to me and he kept squawking really loud,” Josey said. “He would sit on the car and stare at me, then hop next to the bed of the truck on the other side, and he kept going back and forth. The other raven was on the ground. He kept trying to pull — I had those little mini-melons you have in the mesh baggies — he kept trying to grab the netting and pull my melons off the cart.”

“He was waiting for another opportunity to grab the melons off the cart, but they never were deterred,” she said. “They just stayed posted, waiting for their next opportunity to steal something out of my cart. “They are very dedicated to their mission,” she added.

Come Spring most of the ravens leave, but before they do, they stick around to pluck fruits, vegetables, and assorted meats out of unsuspecting customers carts. 

“For years, decades, they’ve watched people in parking lots of grocery stores with all this food,” Sinnott said. “They know what a piece of fruit looks like in a grocery cart because they’ve seen it on the ground or seen it in a garbage can.”