Random and Even Fun Weird New Years Resolutions: Part Two

  • Drink more water. It really helps everything.

Have you read Random and Even Fun, Weird New Years Resolutions: Part One? Because this is part two.

  1. Try out some vegan recipes and see what you think. You know, instead of full on vegan, which will initially make you feel like trash, and want to give up anyhow.
  2. Buy fruits and vegetables and actually eat them.
  3. Try overnight oats and warm them up in the am if the idea of cold oats gives you the shivers.
  4. Love yourself this year, truly. Love yourself like Lizzo loves herself.
  5. Stay active. Get a new gym routine or get out for walks several times a week if nothing else!
  6. Bring back an old trend that was always your favorite, and something you absolutely want to see come back. How about bright blue eyeshadow?
  7. Start a sport, no cardio involved, such as darts or pool. What is better for non-resolutioners than a non-sport. This has got to be one of the best of all the New Years resolutions for people who don’t want to make resolutions.
  8. Limit yourself to five minutes when in search for something to watch. Whatever you end on during your search, that’s what you’re watching. Try it!
  9. Invite someone over for dinner and get carry out but try to pass it off as your own cooking. Did it work??
  10. Eat more protein. If this isn’t the singlehandedly best advice to every human on earth when it comes to satiety and health, I don’t know what is. Well, protein and walking.
  11. Become a yogi. Practicing yoga creates a sense of calm and can be very relaxing. And, if nothing else, you totally have an iron clad reason for dressing in yoga pants all the time.
  12. Take less selfies you pick at and take more that make you so happy you want to post it this very minute. We only live once.
  13. Keep up with your emails. Take it from me, you do NOT want to have to delete the better part of 350K emails and go through 9 years of pictures, all in one day. You’ll make it through and get it done, but it will be a piss poor way to spend your day.
  14. Get up early on the weekends! Or, sleep in. Do whatever you usually don’t to experience how the other half live. Not a bad New Years resolution to give a try.
  15. Make more lists to help you keep organized. Or, if you’re an over lister, you know someone with lists full of lists, then maybe just work on checking off your current list until you need to start a new one.
  16. Start using “no comment,” when people try to talk to you about stuff you don’t want to talk about. If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t. The end. 2023 baby.
  17. Read directions while making something new. You know, so that you don’t make any mistakes and you enjoy your new dish.
  18. Come to the fact that the 1990s were not just ten years ago.
  19. Drink more water. It really helps everything.
  20. Find a reason to use the word bumbershoot in conversation. Turns out it means “umbrella” so it may not be as hard as you thought.
  21. I will finish one thing that I started in 2019, you know, last year. Oh wait.
  22. Wear pjs, whenever you want. Public or private, you do you, boo. This is one of the best New Years resolutions you can make.
  23. Eat dessert first. If that’s your favorite, otherwise start out with the main course if you’re anything like me and you’re here for all the food.
  24. Remember to always act like a kid. We only live once so if you wanna play through this life make sure you do. This has got to be the absolute best of all the News Years resolutions.
  25. Celebrate all the fun and odd holidays. There are so many! What’s your favorite food? How about your favorite place to visit? They have an odd holiday devoted to them. Google it.
  26. Find something new to love. Whether a place or a type of flower, decide on something new that you just cannot live without and enjoy it to the absolute fullest.
  27. Resolve not to make New Years resolutions, no matter fun or goal-oriented. Talk about a New Years resolution that we can really get behind.

What is your favorite New Years resolution from all these wacky resolutions? No matter what you decide, have the best 2023!