Priest Tapes Boy In Bubblewrap Then Locks Him In Closet

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Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash
Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash


When you see a priest walk into jail, you might think: ‘oh. They’re just going to pray with one of the prisoners,’ right? Wrong! This one is doing time for wrapping a teen in bubble wrap.

Allegan, Michigan

Brain Stanley pleaded guilty to attempted false imprisonment. He was charged in August 2013. Stanley was accused of wrapping a boy in bubble wrap and tape in a janitor’s room at St. Margaret Church. The boy’s eyes and mouth were covered while he was left alone for an hour, according to the attorney general’s office. Stanley was supposed to be counseling him. “Mr. Stanley took advantage of a vulnerable victim and today he is being held accountable,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Not The First Of Stanley’s Red Flags

Stanley did not speak in court but expressed regret over his actions, defense attorney Michael Hills. “After this incident in 2013, he was in treatment. After treatment, I think he realized perhaps he was projecting trauma that he had suffered in his life onto others,” said Hill.

Some Are Saying That It Was ‘Sexually Motivated’

“There’s a big dispute about that. There is no evidence about it. I objected to Father Stanley being placed on the registry, although under the statute it’s required regardless of whether criminal sexual conduct is alleged,” Hill said. The attorney’s office claimed that Stanley’s conduct was sexually motivated, and he will be placed in the public registry for 15 years. The case against Stanley began when investigators looked at documents held by the Catholic Diocese in Kalamazoo. The diocese said that twice there were allegations filed with police against Stanley in 2013 and 2017, but there were no charges filed. “We continue to review information seized from all seven Michigan diocese in 2018, and we will thoroughly evaluate accusations and complaints brought forth by victims,” said Nessel.