Online Dating: Some of The Weirdest Sites to Find Love

Common or not, finding love online is weird. As the product of an online meeting and marriage, it’s a personal thing for people who find love this way. But, still weird. Online dating is popular nonetheless.

And finding people online to be friends, date, or spend time with isn’t even the weirdest part about it. It’s the sites that are weird! If you use Eharmony or, these are tailored towards personality match ups. After answering a bunch of personal questions and ranking things based on how important they are to you, you get all of your “matches.”

Or, you could go to a site that specializes in the things you love. If you’re a farmer and only want to meet a farmer, Want sex? Tinder. Want money? These aren’t weird enough for you? Here’s more:

Gluten Free Singles

Celiac? You’re in! Gluten-sensitivity? Yup! This is the thing, if you’re gluten-free, you really have to shape your whole life around it. And other people don’t really get that. Dating someone who’s gluten-free, if you’re gluten-free, would literally be the BEST. Things like eating with friends and going out to eat can be more difficult with different dietary needs and while it can be worked around, if the person you’re interested in and dating is gluten-free, everything will be a little easier. They already get it, they know about gluten inside and out, and you can face this gluten-filled world together! What a site.

Mullet Passions

You know in the 80s when mullets were everywhere and it was the style to have? Well, some people still want the 80s. Some people still want mullets. And some people still have mullets. This is the sight for them. If you have a mullet, you are in the club. If you want a mullet, grow one to enter. And if you love a mullet, then this is the place to come find some love, and a mullet. People seem to think this look is out, but go to any festival, carnival, or touristy place, and you’re bound to find this style rocking like it’s the 80s.

Herpes Fish

Did you know the statistic for herpes in the US is 1 in 6. Because it is. As a stigma most of us would like to steer clear from, this is not something that is going away any time soon. And for some unfortunate souls, cold sores and herpes is something that they are born into this life with. And it sucks. It’s not the reason you have it that makes it suck, it’s having it at all. So to find love that isn’t judgy about herpes, Herpes Fish is the sight for you.

Amish Dating

Wait, what? No electricity equals no computer equals no online dating sights equals no personal profile. So how does this work then? A non-Amish friend from the outside world (yup, this is an oddity, too) makes you a profile and snail mails you a letter to let you know someone is interested in you? I’m not sure how this process is even possible for all of the obvious reasons, and yet, all of the not so obvious reasons. Like, isn’t it against Amish principals to try and date online? I mean they don’t even use electricity. Do they date out of their culture? Lots of Amish marry their children off to suitors deemed good choices by their parents. It’s hard to wrap your head around this but if you’re reading this and your Amish (again, is that possible) and you want to find another Amish, then this site will surely work for you! And if you aren’t amish, but want to be, set up a profile (for the Amish people to see?) and good luck! Who knows, anything can happen these days.

Naturist Passion

Truth be told, they should have named this site, “Nudist Passion.” Oh, maybe there is a site named that but not for online dating or finding love.. Well, this site is the site if you are a nudist, proud to be a nudist, and want to find other nudists. With push up bras, jeans to boost your butt, and other clothing to enhance or distract others from your true self underneath, this site is nothing if not completely open and honest. With your body, that is. Don’t worry about a surprise naked showing, you will already know each other intimately before getting to know each other intimately.

There are so many more weird dating sites out there, this list could go on for days. Which is the weirdest? Which is your favorite idea, because let’s be honest with each other, we’re all a little (or a lot) weird.


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