The Weirdest And Wackiest Zombie Movies Ever Made


Poultrygeist is a chicken-themed zombie movie that serves up a lot of gory laughs and stupid funny humor, and it's brought to you by the fine folks at Troma. Teenage fry cook Arbie works at the fried chicken restaurant American Chicken Bunker and dreams about getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Wendy. Unfortunately, the American Chicken Bunker is built on top of a Native American burial ground, and the angry spirits have sent a chicken-possessed zombie demonic alien spirit to kill the fast food offenders. Now Arby and the ACB's staff and customers are trapped inside the restaurant and must fight for their lives against a horde of poultry possessed chicken zombies. The age-old rivalry of Aliens vs. Predator is clearly alive (or "undead," for those zombies out there) and well...

2Black Sheep

Shepherds don't worry about their herds turning on them, but after watching Black Sheep maybe they should- because when sheep are infected with a virus that turns them into ravenous carnivores they become baaad to the bone! Genetic experimentation has turned Henry's mellow sheep into bloodthirsty monsters, and these sheep turn the humans they bite into demonic human-sheep hybrids. Can Henry overcome his sheep phobia and save the fine people of New Zealand from becoming lunch for a bunch of zombie sheep?


Sometimes it seems like horror movie creators are trying to make sure every type of animal in the wild is represented in a horror movie, and so movies like Zombeavers are made. In Zombeavers a bunch of stupid college kids who are vacationing in a cabin in the woods encounter a bunch of undead beavers hungry for human flesh when they decide to go swimming in a nearby lake. In classic B-movie style the beavers have been turned into zombeavers by a toxic waste spill, and now it's up to the clueless college kids to stop the zombeavers from expanding their territory. Luckily they have local hunter Smyth to help them, because in addition to zombeavers the group must face an even deadlier menace- werebeavers!


Have you ever wanted to own your own pet zombie? Probably not, but after watching Fido you'll be dying to leash up a shambling zombie pet of your own! In Fido the ZomCon corporation has taken all the zombies left over from the Zombie Wars and turned them into pets and menial laborers, like little Timmy's beloved pet zombie Fido. Life with zombie pets is peaceful until Fido goes off the leash and accidentally infects Timmy's neighbor, thereby causing a small zombie outbreak in the otherwise peaceful town of Willard. Can Timmy stop ZomCon from destroying his zombie buddy Fido?


What's worse than one zombie pet hungry for human flesh? A whole zoo full of zombie animals, that's what! In Zoombies the animals in the Eden Wildlife Zoo are turned into bloodthirsty zombie critters by a virus that starts with the monkeys but soon infects every animal in the zoo. Now it's up to the surviving zoo employees to stop these zombie critters from escaping the zoo and infecting the world.

6Braindead aka Dead Alive

Once the title holder for "most fake blood used in a horror movie" Braindead aka Dead Alive is one of Peter Jackson's first films and is truly a comedic horror masterpiece. In Braindead a rabid rat-monkey infected with a horrible zombie plague bites the main character Lionel's mom Vera while she's visiting the Wellington Zoo, turning Vera into a ravenous zombie. Now Lionel must deal with his mother issues head-on as she becomes patient zero in a zombie virus outbreak.


Kids love to run around accusing other children of being infected with cooties, but according to the movie Cooties this mutant virus is no laughing matter- because it turns kids into flesh-eating monsters. Tainted chicken nuggets infect the students of Ft. Chicken Elementary with the cooties virus, which quickly sweeps through the school turning the students into vicious little flesh-eating monsters. As the students play tag and spread the cooties by sinking their teeth into the uninfected the remaining staff fight for their life and try to escape the school before they catch cooties too.

8Dead & Breakfast

Dead & Breakfast is an unusual zombie film about a group of young travelers who wind up stranded at a b&b in the middle of nowhere and find themselves fighting an evil spirit that possesses their friend Johnny, which is unleashed when Johnny opens an ancient box containing the "Kuman Thong". Johnny goes on a murderous rampage and uses black magic to turn the townspeople of Lovelock into flesh eating zombies, and the group find themselves stuck at the bed & breakfast fighting off the savage horde.

9Ed and His Dead Mother

Overbearing mothers drive their kids crazy while they're alive, which is why Ed should have let his mom rest in peace after she died a year ago. But when a salesman named A.J. Pattle shows up at his door claiming he can bring Ed's dead mother back from the dead for a mere hundred bucks Ed decides to take him up on the offer. However, there's something wrong with dear old mom, because she seems to have come back from the dead with an insatiable appetite for the living.

10Redneck Zombies

There are few zombie movies dumber, trashier or more offensive than Redneck Zombies, another fine cult horror flick by Troma Entertainment. An illiterate redneck discovers a barrel of toxic waste in the woods, which he then gives to a group of armed rednecks looking for a new still. They use the toxic waste to brew up a batch of moonshine that turns the people of the valley into redneck zombies, and just when they thought they couldn't get any hungrier a group of city slickers ripe for the pickin' get lost in the woods. Redneck Zombies is silly, offensive and about as B as a movie can get!