Here Are Best Answers People Gave To The Question ‘What’s Your Favorite Sound?’

The human memory can be incredibly uplifting one moment and be positively frustrating the very next second. A song comes on the radio that immediately transports you back to senior year of high school, third-period algebra and your crush who sat the next row over. Then a few minutes later you're struggling to remember why the hell you got into the car.

A member of the AskReddit community recently posed the question, "what is your favorite sound?" It received over 500 comments and most tied the sounds to specific moments or memories.

Here are some of the best answers. Feel free to leave your answer in the comment section.

1"The sound of good quality shoes walking on marble."

2"The sound of my mother's sewing machine."

"As a kid she would, every fall, make our Halloween costumes herself. The sound of her machine brings me back to the excitement of knowing Halloween was right around the corner and has become an ingrained part of fall."

3"Rain on the window as you're in between being awake and asleep."


"I will never forget my first snowfall. We'd moved to a ski holiday town in the summer. I knew there'd be snow on the slopes but I wasn't expecting snow in the town.

So one afternoon it starts. Snowflakes a few centimetres across drifting softly to the ground. It seemed like standing in the rain in slow motion.

The hush fell.

As the snow began to blanket the roads, the houses, the gardens all the sound of the neighbourhood was swallowed. The occasional squeal of delight traveled.

But mostly just ... soft quiet.

We were out playing in five centimetres of snow for an hour. Next morning there was half a metre.
One of the happiest experiences I had living in that town. Pure, simple joy."

5"When someone I like or love laughs at a joke I made."


"But not an empty silence, a full silence like when you are in the wilderness, with just enough emptiness where you can drift into your thoughts and just enough background noise to ground you to earth."

7"The crack of a baseball bat when making nice solid contact."

8"Every morning my cat sits by me and waits for my eyes to open."

"Shortly after I first open them she meows super quiet so I remember it's time to pet her."

9"The sound cars make when driving on a wet road at night. "

"The dopplering swisssh is so relaxing. There was a song I listened to in high school that had just 5 minutes of this sound after the music."

10"Scissors cutting construction paper."

11"My dryer humming along. Makes me feel like I'm getting something done."

12"I love the sounds of tires turning on pebbly gravel. It's the best sound in the world."

13"The sound of someone writing me a check."

14"The sound of the coffee maker bubbling on a Saturday morning."

15"When my Girlfriend says I love you after a night out. Heard it many times but it still makes my heart melt."