15 Embarrassing Stories Of People Thinking No One Was Watching

"Dance like nobody's watching." This quote floats around social media, gets tossed into the lyrics of pop songs and even gets tattooed onto people's bodies.

The advice behind the quotation is to find freedom in everyday life. A person shouldn't spend time worrying that people are watching and judging they're every action. The core idea behind the quote is just to let go. Many of us must just let go.

Many people take this advice. Unfortunately, strangers are always watching, and this leads to some incredibly hilarious, awkward and downright embarrassing situations.

Followers of /AskReddit recently shared tales of not only their most embarrassing moments when they assumed they were alone but also stories of catching friends, family, and strangers in perplexing situations. Here are 15 of the most jaw-dropping stories.

1Doing Business On Company Time

"Working in large corporate parks during the recession there were lots of huge office spaces with barely any residency. They overbuilt these large office parks expecting businesses to fill them up. So it would be like a huge complex with maybe two or three functioning businesses in them. The best part about this was the fact that you could always find a restroom to take a shit in that nobody ever used. I went to a restroom on a building across from mine that had zero occupancies, every time I went over there I never ran into anybody.

One day during one of my particularly long shits the timer on the lights turned off due to lack of motion. I thought no biggie so I got up out the stall and attempt to move around so the lights would come on, they weren't coming on so I ventured further out near the sinks and started moving my hands in a hip hop hooray motion while simultaneously saying 'Hayyy Hoooooo!' just for shits and giggles, so the lights turn on and I'm still waving for a few seconds afterwards thinking to myself how silly I must look with my pants and draws to my ankles in a public bathroom waving my hands in the air. That's when I heard the door close. Somebody else was in the bathroom, caught some business man with his pants down his ankles waving his hands in the air yelling 'Hayyyy Hooooo!' and abruptly walked back out."

2At Least The Phone Is Smart

"I once saw a girl holding an ice cream cone in one hand, and her phone in the other lick the screen of her phone. When we made eye contact, and she realized I'd seen it happen, she looked like she was going to die."

3Taking An Early Lunch

"A former co-worker had bad acne all over his face and neck. While I was sitting in my forklift waiting for pallets to come up the line, I watched him pop a pimple on his neck and eat it."


4Muy Avergonzado

"I use Duolingo to practice my Spanish while waiting for the bus each morning. When I'm alone, I like to say each question and answer aloud to practice my pronunciation as well. One day as I waited for the bus a group of people gathered behind me without me noticing. I had headphones on and practiced each sentence out loud as I worked through my day's Spanish activities. When the bus finally came, and I pulled off my headphones, I realized there were 6 or 7 strangers behind me, and all had been awkwardly listening to me speak Spanish to myself for 5 minutes."

5Make Yourself At Home

"We had a houseguest staying with us for several days. On the second day, I came home early from work and found him going through my significant other's drawers. He had no idea he was being watched. I took him aside and told him that it was time for him to go and that we needed our privacy."

6Father And Son Unbonding Time

"When I was a child, maybe 7 or 8 years old, time spent in the bathroom was an opportunity to read books or just have a moment of quiet contemplation. One time during one of my extended toilet sessions, I got the bright idea to use the toilet paper to make a Ninja Turtles-style mask for myself. No sooner had l torn the eye holes and wrapped it around my head, the door opens, and my dad walks in. We make awkward eye contact for what felt like minutes, and then without a word being spoken, he slowly backed out and closed the door. I don't know why it was so embarrassing to me, but I still remember the whole scene quite clearly, and that was 20+ years ago."

7It Was A Vintage Rear

"I came back upstairs after leaving for work because I forgot my phone. My dogs thought I was gone for the day and didn't hear me come back up. I walk into the living room, and my youngest dog is laying on his back, and my older dog is standing right in front of young dogs butt sniffing. Deep, pronounced sniffing as if he was a sommelier trying to determine a wine's country of origin. I laughed, and both dogs looked at me in utter fear and embarrassment. Eyes were huge. You could see the shame in their eyes, and one went to the couch, and the other went to the bedroom. Neither looked me in the eye when I got home that afternoon."


8An Old Dog With Awful Tricks

"I don't know if this counts, but I saw an older dude, maybe 40s hit on one of my attractive employees when his wife and kid walked away. He asked her what she was in college for. She told him 'accounting.' Of course, he had a cheesy line that had to do with getting her number and of course he got shot down. He stood there for like an hour after that with this look of embarrassment I guess processing the rejection? This all happened in a women's clothing store. Damn, I miss being the only guy working there."

9A Special Delivery

"I once purchased sex toys online including anal beads online. I came home to find the parcel containing these items OPEN sitting on my bed with a note from my mum saying 'sorry, thought it was my parcel.' The shame was unbearable, and I still cringe when I think about it. I tried to deflect by texting her to ask if she had any wrapping paper I could use for 'the joke present I bought for my friend's 21st'. Eurghhhh"


10Training Day

"I'm a canoe guide, and being the guide, I'm usually in the back of the canoe, steering. This particular day was a training day with a bunch of my coworkers, so I was in the front. When I'm in the back, I'll periodically check to see if any plumber's crack is showing by basically feeling my lower back/top of my ass crack with my finger, then readjust my underwear if needed. I'm in the back of the boat, so no one sees that. However, on this day I did it in the front, giving the guy in the back of the boat a full showing of me fingering my ass crack. He promptly said 'I think that's a back-of-boat maneuver.'"

11A Different Kind Of Business Meeting

"My dad was leading a meeting (with about ten people) in Seattle. He was speaking from the side of the room opposite the window on the ground floor, so everyone was looking away from the window except him. Outside the window, a homeless man looked around a bit, walked over to a tree, squatted on the side closer to the building, and took a dump. My father kept the meeting going uninterrupted with a straight face while a homeless man was shitting right outside the window."

12Customers Gone Wild

"I was at a home technology show a few years back helping a friend with a small business. The booth across from us had a display set up with one of those doorbell cameras on one side of the wall along with the little 5" screen so that people could see themselves. On the other side was the living room display and they had the door camera up on it too. So, from the side with the doorbell and little screen, you couldn't see that there was a 50" TV showing it to everyone walking down the main aisle. All day, women would check their makeup in it and stuff. One young lady looked around, decided she was alone and flashed the camera. I don't know if more than a couple people saw it, but there must have been a few hundred people who could have."


13The Real Cake Boss

"My sister had requested a cake from a specific shop that we'd never been to before. The kitchen was visible from the front of the shop, and one of the workers was icing a cake. He licked the spatula and continued icing. My mom saw the entire thing happen and she still ordered a cake from that shop, and we ate it."

14What Did I Have For Lunch?

"I saw a guy do a huge fart on his chair, then quick as a flash turn around, bend down, stick his nose to the chair seat, and sniff frantically."

15Lord of the Loud Things

"The very first time my girlfriend ever came to my house we decided to watch 'Lord of the Rings.' She had never seen it before and was excited to watch it. Anyway, she was laying down on my bed with legs pointed towards the ceiling and butt up against the wall, kind of in an 'L' shape. So during one of the tense scenes (IDK which) I do the whole grab her sides and go "RAGHH!" thing. She then proceeded to let the loudest and longest fart I'd ever heard anyone release. And because her ass was against the wall it reverberated and made it seem even louder. I just burst out laughing for like 5 minutes straight. She is so embarrassed that she just starts crying. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. We're still together and have a 2-year-old now."