10 Zoo Animals Enjoying Halloween Pumpkins

Zoo around the work give their animals pumpkins each year because it "encourages natural behaviors, stimulates the senses, activates the mind, works muscles and engages animals socially." It also makes for a some darn cute Halloween photo ops!

A grizzly at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle digs in!


A ring-tailed lemur gets explores a jack-o’-lantern.

A giraffe at the Sacramento Zoo plays with a pumpkin.

A Buffalo Zoo otter questions the existence of a pumpkin in its enclosure.

A lynx gets cozy with his jack o' lantern.

An Oregon Zoo grey wolf changes up his normal diet for vegan fare.

The pumpkins in the elephant enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo didn't last very long.


The famous Fiona from the Cincinnati Zoo is enjoying her first gourd.

Detroit Zoo anteaters enjoy their autumn bounty.

A western lowland gorilla bites off more than he can chew at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

A pied tamarin posed next to his carved pumpkin doppelgänger at the Lincoln Park Zoo.