10 Redditors Rate The World’s Ugliest Cars

1Fiat Multipla

"I seriously have no idea who the f**k bought this car new, why would you? It had literally no redeeming features unless you liked slow, uncomfortable, poorly built, f**k ugly cars….
If you bought a Fiat Multipla new (as in you paid more than £500 for it) you seriously need to have your license taken off you because clearly you
1. Can't make sensible decisions in any facet of your life, especially motoring
2. Need to go to Specsavers" - Megaross

2The Sitara City Cart

"The perfect car for when you've given up on finding happiness and meaning in this lifetime."- statelessfaithless 

3Pontiac Aztek

"My brother worked at a Pontiac dealership while he was in high school. They had a couple of Azteks on the lot that didn't move. After over a year of no one even wanting to test drive them, he came home from work one day and said they were both gone. The dealership donated the cars to some charity for a tax write off, since it was clear they weren't going anywhere." - othybear  

4Nissan Cube

"My father in law has one, and it's the ugliest f**king vehicle, inside and out. And he LOVES it. Sings it's praises everywhere we go. Takes time to incessantly tell people everything he likes about it and why his opinions about the car mean it's a great car. Insists it's just misunderstood and that the majority of people, i.e. 99% of the population, just aren't as well versed as he is in the fine intricacies of automobile design to truly appreciate it. Anytime we go out for dinner he'll make an excuse up for my husband and I to stop at his house first, instead of us just meeting them at the restaurant, so that he can coerce us into piling into the goddamned cube together to go out. To make it even uglier, incase you didn't think that was possible, it's covered in bright green and purple decals for his business so it sticks out like a sore thumb everywhere it goes. I f**king loathe that vehicle. Goddamn the Nissan Cube straight to hell." - Rainbow_unicorn_poo  

5Nissan Juke

"I test drove one. That little f**ker was fun to drive, though. As long as you don't have kids, passengers, a desire to transport anything larger than a shopping bag or any sense of personal style, it's a solid choice!" - TheFire_Eagle

6AMC Pacer

"My mom had one when I was a kid. I remember the passenger side door would open sometimes when she turned too hard. Not terrifying at all for a kindergartner who didn't know she should wear a seatbelt. Actually, I am not sure it even had them." -ferengiface 

7Ford Edsel

"So ugly, so unwanted that car is where we get the term “lemon” in regards to cars. That’s due to the front grill resembling someone puckering as if though they’d just sucked on a lemon." - Feeling_Arkansaucey 

8Chrysler Crossfire

"I went to a dealership several years ago when they first released those and the salesman kept pushing me to test drive one of those...I told him that I didn't want to be seen in that ugly car and when he asked me why... I told him it looks like a dog taking a s**t." - MamaBatBear  

9Lamborghini Veneno

"It takes some skill to get such a capable car looking like a piece of s**t. Almost like they gave a Murciélago to a Honda Civic enthusiast and told him to go and add race enhancements as he saw fit." - hmfiddlesworth 

10Ssangyong Rodius

"Ken Greenley designed it. He was the professor of automotive design at the Royal College of Art in London. He was sacked from that job after managing to create literally the worst car design ever to be made. Apparently he wanted it to look like a ocean liner, unfortunately it was a car, so it didn't." - Furthertrees