10 Great Deeds Done By Evil People

1General Butt Naked – From a cannibal to a saint

General Butt Naked (Joshua Milton Blahyi) was once considered to be one of the evilest men on Earth.

He earned his moniker because he was a believer of dark magic and often commanded his soldiers to wear nothing but charmed objects while fighting. Blahy killed close to 20,000 people—if that's not enough, he also took part in human sacrifices and engaged in cannibalism because he believed he would be given greater powers. But after killing a little girl, he claims to have seen a man with a powerful bright aura, who told him to either repent or die. From that day forward, he gave up his life as a murderous cannibal and transformed into a God-fearing man. Today, Blahyi travels all over the African continent, asking forgiveness and helping others like him get out of the mindless violence that exists there.

2Fidel Castro – The man who freed and oppressed his country

The late Fidel Castro is one of the most notoriously divisive characters the world has ever known. For some, he was a guardian whereas for others he was a vile dictator.

He managed to survive nearly 600 assassination attempts and ruled over Cuba with an iron fist, suppressing freedom of expression and even installing the death penalty based more on moral convictions rather than legal guidelines.

However, he was also a very progressive leader who made exceptional changes to healthcare and housing in the country—every citizen had free healthcare under his rule. He also ensured that the future generations of Cubans were better educated and had more opportunities to succeed in their lives.

3Adolf Hitler – Genocidal dictator, murderer, animal lover?

Perhaps the most well-known genocidal dictator in recent human history, Hitler's deeds shocked the world and even brought about the world war.

While we all know of Hitler's evil deeds, he also passed several laws to ensure that animals weren’t harmed unnecessarily. In fact, the legislation he put in place for animal welfare is strikingly similar to what PETA has been doing all these years. For a man who disregarded human life, he cared a lot about defenseless animals.

4Jim Jones – The mass murderer who fought for race

Jim Jones was an American cult leader who influenced all 900 of his followers to commit suicide.

The founder of the Peoples Temple promoted his church as a haven for people with similar beliefs to come together—before his end as a mass murderer—he was a very different man. His father was a member of the KKK, and despite growing under such an offensive system, he sympathized with the African American community.

He even left his job as a pastor in a Methodist church because African Americans weren't allowed. When he was appointed the director of Human Rights Commission in Indianapolis, he tried to change the perception people had toward the community people by pushing integration in hospitals, churches, police stations and restaurants.

5Saddam Hussein – The dictator who improved women’s rights, economic growth and education

Saddam Hussein had committed several inhumane acts, from gassing Kurds to installing a fierce death penalty.

However, apart from his deeds, he also improved the life of Iraqi citizens in many other ways. He was deeply committed to improving the lives of women in Iraq and made education compulsory, especially for girls. He also handled Iraq's enormous wealth in a very responsible way, by building infrastructure and essentially modernizing the country. His vision single-handedly created billionaires and made a middle class in Iraq.

6Ted Bundy – The serial killer who actually saved lives

“Angel of Decay” Ted Bundy raped and killed dozens of women after raping them. Many who knew him stated that he was probably the most charming and intelligent man they've ever met, and he used those attributes to lure his victims into a false sense of security before he had their way with them.

However, before he became so infamous, he worked at a suicide hotline where he genuinely talked people out of killing themselves. After his arrest, he even helped police catch the Green River Killer.

7Gaddafi – The mad dictator who did many good deeds

Gaddafi made having a home a basic right for all Libyan citizens and believed in providing free education to any who needed it. He also encouraged people to choose the schooling they wanted, rather than just a generally accepted curriculum. He made medical care free for most of the Libyan citizens and even provided free electricity to the masses. These are only some of the many good deeds he did for his countrymen—strange what a mad, foolish dictator can do!

8Genghis Khan – The cruel conqueror who created an empire for his people

Genghis Khan killed nearly 40 million people and defiled hundreds of thousands of women. But there was this great duality to his personality—he believed in letting his people choose their own religion. He also wanted to raise the levels of culture, education, and law in his nation. Surprisingly, he was also seen as a generous leader, as he always used to share his wealth.

9The KKK – Racist hate group who went against a homophobic hate group

The Westboro Baptist Church is one of the most insensitive homophobic groups in America. They often stage protests outside the funerals of fallen soldiers shouting profanities and hatred. The KKK went against the church and staged counter-protests by handing out flags and shaking the hands of all the soldiers—although they hate minorities, the military is one organization they have great respect for.

10Napoleon Bonaparte – The ruthless conqueror and his code

For Napoleon, other people were mere instruments to be used by him to achieve his goals. But at the same time, he established the Napoleonic Code which eliminated several damaging feudal laws. Through it, he gave more religious freedom to his people and removed the concept of titles by birthright. He separated church and state and gave people the right to choose their occupation. The code wasn’t perfect by any means, but it did bring his nation into a more rational and different world.