The Las Vegas Store Called “Oddities,” Part Two

And more from the store called Oddities.

There was this tree, in a case, and apparently there was a chameleon in there. Did I see it? Nope. Maybe you can find it.

There was also a slew of really weird but fully believed, mad scientist type medical equipment, and it was truly odd. The first was a Mary Mac Relax-O-Meter Electric Mechanical Cushion. If you look this up, you will find there are still versions of this on the market, even today. Though I should warn you, complaints range from one side of a person’s body feeling numb for several days to ringing in ears and leg cramps. Yike.

Then there was a Relax-A-Cizor. This was marketed as an easy way to get fit in your sleep. It was hand-built by an engineer and sold as a prototype in Hollywood after World War II. It was a hit through the 1950s and 1960s. The Relax-A-Cizor sold over 400,000 devices ranging from $100-$400 per unit. The thing is it was medically horrifying and paralysis causing. Not good.

This next one looks like an old school lie detector test but is actually an abdomen and waist machine. There are directions with all the steps so you know exactly what to do and exactly how to use it.

The next glass case is full of metal equipment, teeth molds, and lots of other weird stuff. All I know is the dentist is not fun now, and with all the weird stuff they used to do back in the day, I am glad to be living in this age of “medicine.”

But then, here is the stuff I love! Powders, potions, lotions, oils, and natural, homeopathic medicines. These things are from forever ago and are still used today. Why? Because they work, they are awesome, and they are natural. Don’t knock it until you try it!

And then, a purple, unicorn-looking, skull head. Does anything more even need to be said?

And for the butterfly loving, earring wearing fashionista, here are all the butterfly earrings you need to have in your life. There are blue ones with big “eyes,” white ones, Monarch looking ones, and more. Just in case you needed a selection and some jewelry from Oddities. If you want something butterfly but a little less oddity Adina’s Jewels has some great stuff.

Then there’s a dummy, with extremities removed, but still in the glass case. It’s named the child crisis manikin. And there are also what appears to be some pictures, or maybe they call them snapshots, from that time, and honestly, I’m not sure I even want to know the rest of what is in that weird and odd glass case.

This tree could be a necklace holder, or a place to store your scarves, fashion or otherwise. It has lights too, so that you could use it as a year around decoration but at the same time you could add ornaments to it and some tinsel, and easily use it seasonally, also known as, at Christmas.

Books, some kind of flag… and a star? Not sure why you would purchase this, but then again, that goes for almost everything in this store so… Oh, and there are some carved and wooden boxes. You could use them for jewelry, little notes, or stones. If you love them, then they’re there, and ready to be bought, and taken home!

And another shelf full of books! Don’t expect to find your favorite reads in here but who knows what you will find in here. It could be your new favorite!

You can buy a couple of old time lingerie pictures, if you want! These are an Oddities classic. 

There are some technicolor clowns and others. Some people are clown people, and others, not so much. These brightly colored and happy clowns are the good kind at least. Or are they?

There are some figurines and also some bones so that you can build other figurines. There are little bones to put together, too, and even some dinosaur looking skulls for heads. Whatever you make with these, they would be interesting looking, that’s for sure. And most of these things don’t go together but the little hay covered bottom with pink flowers and a rat, really don’t go here. I’m just saying.

In the front of the middle of the store, there’s an antique medical table with a plastic, and very creepy, baby/kid laying on top. And you can buy this table if you want for a small $800 dollars.

If you want something cool or odd, shop out of the Oddities Vending Machine. It’s much more cost efficient and a fun souvenir.

And to finish out the store, more clowns. Colored but more creepy, these clowns are right in the display windows where anyone can see them, whether they’re on the street or in the store.

So if you are inn Vegas and you want to see this store for yourself, you should. It’s odd, fun, and more than a little strange, and you, my audience, will enjoy it!