July 13th Was National Delaware Day And Here’s The Facts

  • What do you know about Delaware?

National Delaware Day happens in mid-July and these are all the facts you didn’t know about this teeny tiny state.

  • Dead’s Poet Society was filmed in Middletown, Delaware.
  • The state insect is the ladybug, adopted in April 25th, 1974, after elementary school children petitioned the General Assembly.
  • Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States.
  • The state fish of Delaware is the Weakfish. The Weakfish is also known as sea trout or yellow fin trout and was adopted as state fish in 1981.
  • Delaware is known as the “First State.” This is a cool fun fact about Delaware but you may have already known it before this National Delaware Day post.
  • Delaware gets its name from the Delaware River and Bay.
  • The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed in this state.
  • Delaware only has three counties, the fewest of any state in America.
  • The University of Delaware had the country’s first study abroad program. This is one of the coolest fun facts for National Delaware Day.
  • Delaware’s state motto is “liberty and independence.”
  • The state marine animal of Delaware is the Horseshoe Crab, adopted on June 25th, 2002.
  • The state of Delaware boasts the fastest internet speeds in the country. Their connection speeds are higher than every other country observed with the exception of South Korea.
  • Delaware is 2,044 square miles, 100 miles long and only 35 miles across at its widest part.
  • George Thorogood’s first band was the Delaware Destroyers. The name was later changed to “George Thorogood and the Destroyers.”
  • The state of Delaware has more than 200 times more chickens than people.
  • Delaware still has a Swedish Church from 1698 that is standing.
  • Delaware is also known as the Diamond State, the Blue Hen State, and Peach State.
  • It’s been named the third most bike friendly state in the country in 2015.
  • The creator of the Heimlich maneuver, Henry Heimlich, was born in Delaware.
  • The blue hen was named in February 1939 after the “Fighting Blue Hen,” the mascot of Delaware Revolutionary War soldiers.
  • The DuPont company originally made it big in the gunpowder industry.
  • The state butterfly is the Tiger Swallowtail or Pterourus Glaucus.
  • Peach Blossom is the state flower.
  • Delaware may be the second smallest state in the country, but it also happens to be the sixth most densely populated state in America.
  • The Lenape people were the first to settle in the region. This is one of the first fun facts for National Delaware Day, you know, because they were there first.
  • Delaware’s state colors are colonial blue and buff. These colors represent the uniform of General George Washington.
  • Since the early 1800’s, Delaware became the leading producer of peaches. This lasted until a flight named “the yellows” destroyed the orchards later in the 1800s.
  • Bob Marley lived in Delaware from 1965-1977.
  • Sam Argall named the Delaware River and Bay.
  • Delaware was divided on slavery during the Civil War.
  • Delaware borders the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The state bird of Delaware is the Blue Hen.
  • Delaware is one of the original 13 colonies.
  • Delaware has a state beverage and it’s milk. This was adopted on June 3rd, 1983.
  • The Delaware River starts in New York.
  • Rehoboth Beach is called the Nation’s Summer Capital.
  • Delaware adopted strawberries as the state fruit in 2010.
  • Delaware was the first state to produce peaches commercially.
  • The capital of Delaware is Dover. Did you know this about National Delaware Day?
  • Delaware has an artificial reef made of subway cars.
  • Sweet Golden Rod was adopted June 24th, 1996 and is indigenous to Delaware. This flower is found throughout the state, mostly along coastal areas and marshes.
  • The highest elevation in Delaware is 448 feet.
  • The state shell of Delaware is the Shell of the channeled whelk. It was Adopted in May 2014.

Is there anything I missed that should be included about National Delaware Day? Let me know in the comments!

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