Jacob Guilty Of Crashing Plane For YouTube Views

  • This YouTuber and former olympian pleaded guilty to purposely crashing his plane.

Guilty of crashing and all for views. This is the story.

Trevor Jacob, 29, pleaded guilty last Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court to the felony charge of obstructing a federal investigation by deliberately destroying the wreckage of an airplane after intentionally crashing in Santa Barbara County in November 2021.

The charge of obstructing a federal investigation by deliberately destroying the wreckage of an airplane comes with a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. The plea agreement stated that Jacob said that he had agreed to promote a company’s wallet in a YouTube video. 

His video, ‘I Crashed My Airplane’ was posted weeks after the crash and is still on the website and online. As of Sunday, it has over 4 million views.  Definitely guilty of crashing his plane.  

The experienced pilot and skydiver took off from Lompoc City Airport on Nov. 24, 2021 but within the agreement it said that Jacob “did not intend to reach his destination.”

The former competitive snowboarder (gee, what doesn’t this guy do?) was ejected from his 1940 Taylorcraft plane about 35 minutes after taking off. In the video, the propeller stops and Jacob opens the plane door and jumps.

He was geared up for skydiving when the plane crashed into the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after takeoff. Jacob later hiked to the site to recover the footage. 

He mounted video cameras on different parts of the plane along with a selfie stick he carried to document the event. 

Because of his gear and no attempt at safely landing the plane, some YouTube viewers were skeptical of the crash. Jacob reported the crash to the National Transportation Safety Board, he was responsible for preserving the wreckage.

Jacob claimed “he did not know the site’s location,” according to the plea agreement. Lying and guilty of crashing his plane. 

Truthfully, he knew exactly where the location was and he returned by helicopter to secure and remove the wreckage, which he later destroyed.

His pilot’s license was revoked last year and he’s expected in court for his initial appearance in the coming weeks. There isn’t much of a reason that he won’t be found guilty for crashing his plane. Yike.