8 People Who Were Banned From Twitter

1A reality star's Nazi-themed Twitter page is suspended

Tila Tequila, a former Myspace (remember them?) queen and reality TV "star," was suspended on Twitter due to several occurrences of hate speech on her page.

The ban of the self-titled “alt-reich queen” does not come as a surprise to those following her hate-filled, anti-semitic social media account. But when the Singapore-born, Vietnamese celeb posted the above photo of herself and two men giving the Nazi salute, the Twitter powers-that-be finally shut her down.

The photo (captioned "Seig heil!") was shot at a mini-convention for the alt-right-leaning National Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.

2The New Zealander whose account was suspended when she was caught bullying men online

A woman known on Twitter as "Poison Ivy" was suspended in October 2016 for humiliating vulnerable men on her account.

Ivy, also known as Hanna, who is believed to be from New Zealand, asked men to "Dm [direct message] me pictures of Hanna written on your forehead." Several Twitterers came forward to claim they'd been sexually humiliated by her, and messages that appeared to encourage suicide were also uncovered.

Hanna appears to be back online after apparently taking over the account of a man who has said he is in a relationship with her. She has denied accusations she has bullied anyone and claims her Tweets have been blown out of proportion.

3A teen is suspended from Twitter for a viral video

19-year-old Jane Oranika posted a makeup tutorial on Twitter in response to the US presidential election but never thought it would result in someone reporting her account to Twitter.

In the (now viral) video, Jane uses light concealer to paint her entire face. She says, “African-American? Never felt that never heard of that, never tasted that, never smelled that,” and then adds, “Barack Obama? Is that some kind of sauce?”

Trump supporters complained — if blackface is racist, then so is whiteface. Just 12 hours after posting the clip, her account was suspended. After making numerous appeals, she was finally reinstated, and the video was allowed to stay put.

4A man who shot and killed a teen is kicked off Twitter after posting intimate photos of an ex

One of the most hated men in America is gone from Twitter and is certainly not missed.

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, was suspended from Twitter in 2015.

Multiple sources report he posted topless photos of a woman he said was his ex-girlfriend and shared what he claimed were her email address and phone number. “She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim,” Zimmerman wrote in one tweet. “She'll sleep with anyone.”

Revenge porn is what ultimately did Zimmerman's account in, but it is hardly the first reprehensible thing he tweeted. He posted photo showing Martin lying dead in the grass, he called President Obama an “ignorant baboon,” and teamed up with the owner of a “Muslim-free” gun store in Florida to sell prints of his painting of a Confederate flag. He claims the painting “represents the hypocrisy of political correctness that is plaguing this nation.”

5A controversial blogger is banned from Twitter after asking his followers to "take out" a civil rights activist

"Alt-right" troll and California-based blogger Chuck Johnson has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

Johnson asked his followers for funds to “take out” civil rights activist and protester DeRay McKesson, who's been active in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri. He and his lawyers argue that he is a victim of censorship, and have threatened legal action. “Twitter doesn't seem to have a problem with people using their service to coordinate riots,” he said. “But they do have a problem with the kind of journalism I do.”

6The Twitter CEO who's page was suspended by an "internal mistake"

Somebody's gonna get fired! In November 2016, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was briefly booted from the platform he helped co-found.

Users reported seeing a pop-up telling them Dorsey's account had been suspended. It was restored just moments later, but he had lost the majority of his 3.9 million followers. The CEO tweeted out to followers that the error was an "internal mistake." The same tweet also saw him channel his first ever post on the service: "just setting up twttragain."

7The rapper whose controversial tweets landed her in hot water

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks' Twitter account was deactivated in May 2016 after she posted a series of offensive tweets aimed at singer Zayn Malik (One Direction) that included homophobic and racial slurs. She accused Malik of copying her style in his music video for “Like I Would” before targeting him with a slew of hateful slurs, calling him a “curry scented bitch” and “f****t.” The tweets hurt her bottom line — she was supposed to perform at the London Born & Bred festival on June 5, but organizers canceled her performance.

Earlier in the year, Banks said Sarah Palin should be gang raped after she read a satirical article about the former governor of Alaska and thought it was legitimate.

8An "alt-right" poster boy is suspended from Twitter — permanently

In July 2016, Twitter permanently suspended the account of conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, a day after he incited his followers to bombard Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones with racist and demeaning tweets.

Yiannopoulos is Breitbart's tech editor, and has been hailed as one of the voices of the“alt-right." He tweets not his controversial opinions but directs his legion of followers to lash out at his opponents. He's been temporarily banned from Twitter more than once but was permanently suspended when he led the harassment campaign against Jones — an effort that inspired the SNL cast member to leave the site for a few weeks. The tweets, many of which decried Jones for being black and a woman, were the final straw for the microblogging giant.