12 Extreme Acts of Laziness

One clever homeowner wanted to beat the system and made his own self-driving lawnmower. How did he do it? He simply took his push mower and attached it to a pole with some string, which allows it to travel in circles without being pushed. The only issue with this ingenious rig is that the mower will just keep traveling around the same radius, so you would still have to move the pole and mower to different locations across the lawn. Still, if you are feeling very unmotivated or just don't have the energy to push a mower around for a few hours, this trick might just be for you.

UK-based Mick Carroll was passing through the town of Market Drayton when he spotted an unusual sight —  a man cruising down the canal with the help of a tiny remote-controlled tug boat.

Carroll took a picture and posted it to Facebook with the caption: “Don't ya just love eccentrics. Seen this fella as we were passin' thru Market Drayton gettin' pulled along by a remote control tug. Brilliant.”

Not only do you not have to expend the energy to haul yourself over the edge of the bed, but you also get a fun launch into the start of every day.

Because unpacking is too damn tiring.

Quit straining your neck while you read — with these lazy glasses, you can lie down on your bed and still be able to enjoy a good book or magazine. The specs have a prism, which lets you recline and look forward at the same time.

Do you really have to get out of the car?

How a lazy (yet clever) person decorates for Christmas.

Smoking AND being sedentary will most certainly kill you.

If you ever get tired of holding that tablet…

Ingenious parenting.

The laziest way to get a six pack.

A soda — or in my case, beer — pipe.