11 Dogs Who Trashed The Place

1A Roomba and dog poop cause a "pooptastrophe" in a family's home

Is it Evie's fault or the Roomba's? Maybe a bit of both.

Jesse Newton's horror story began when his Roomba ran over his pup's poop and dragged it all around the living room. The “war zone of poop” was discovered, of course, at 3 a.m. when his 4-year-old son crawled into bed with him and his wife, Kelly, smelling like feces.

Newton cleaned his son and did his best to clean the rug (it didn't work). He also tried to clean the Roomba, but it died a “poopy death” after he threw it into the bathtub with water and forgot to take the battery out beforehand. Hammacher Schlemmer, the catalog from which he bought the Roomba, is replacing the robot after reading his hilarious Facebook post about the incident, which has since gone viral.

2The dog that hates wallpaper

Legend has it that Oscar Wilde's last words were "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do." He actually said, "This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. Either it goes, or I do." This pup apparently shares the same sentiment.

3The dog that trashed a house then got her head stuck in a wall

This playful pooch had to be freed by firefighters after getting her head stuck in a wall.

Scrunch trashed the house then managed to push her head through the bricks while chewing her way through a washing machine outlet pipe. When owner Maria Birtle came home, she found her pooch trapped.

Firefighters tried numerous ways to get the eight-month-old dog out, but when all else failed, they had to chisel away at the wall until she could be freed.

4The three whippets who destroyed their owner's bed

So cute, but soooo destructive! These three whippets became a viral sensation in 2015 after destroying owner Paul Sinclair's bed. His YouTube video, titled "3 Cheeky Whippets," shows dogs Versace, Armani and Coco giving a guilt-free tour of their handiwork as Sinclair follows the canines — and their trail of debris — to the bedroom, where his brand-new bed has been torn to shreds.

5A Redditor's dog gets locked in the bathroom

Redditor WhiteLightning4 posted a photo of what happens when her sister's dog gets trapped in the bathroom. It's not pretty.

6The Husky that covered a house in pawprints of black ink

A family who went out for just a few hours came home to find their entire living space covered in paw prints of black ink. While we don't know the hows and whys of what happened (maybe the pooch was being chased by an ink demon), the photos quickly went viral after being upload to Imgur.

7The NHL player who suffered a game loss and came home to a trashed house

Washington Capitals hockey player Karl Alzner returned home with his fiancé to find their dogs had — proudly — trashed their living room. He tweeted the photo with the caption "Dogs not happy about the loss either," after suffering an upset to the Rangers in a game which ended in triple overtime, and was the longest since 2008 and the third longest in Washington Capitals history.

8The dog that was caught trashing a kitchen by surveillance cameras

This mischievous dog was caught "red-pawed" trashing the kitchen while his owner was out.

Surveillance cameras caught Fritz in the act, and his owner could see exactly what he got up to when left alone. In the video below, he attempts to jump up on the counter. Unsuccessful — but also undeterred — he then runs up and throws himself across it, knocking sheets of paper to the floor, before flying off the slippery marble surface.

9The guard dog that destroyed several thousand dollars worth of teddy bears

In 2006, Barney, a guard dog, met Mabel, a teddy bear, and there was an instant, but fatal, attraction. After six years' blameless service, the Dobie destroyed the toy, a 1909 German-made Steiff bear once owned by Elvis Presley.

Barney then went on to thrash hundreds of rare teddies, all on loan to Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset, and so valuable that the insurers had insisted on his being there to protect premises at night. (Mabel alone was purchased for $75,000!)

"Up to 100 bears were involved in the massacre," Daniel Medley, general manager of Wookey Hole Caves, said. "It was a dreadful scene."

No doubt, Barney "retired" from his job as a guard dog immediately after.

10The dog that was named the U.K.'s "naughtiest pet"

In 2014, rescue hound Yodie was crowned Britain's naughtiest animal over 300 other competitors. (Just by looking at the picture, we understand how he landed the title.)

"When I first saw the mess Yodie had made, I thought it was scrambled egg, but it's the inside of cushions," owner Laura Vitty said. "It was all over the entire house. I was picking up bits of cushions for hours."

11The Bullmastiff that snitched on a French Bulldog

Watch a Bullmastiff rat out his French Bulldog buddy after a mess was scattered all over the living room floor. (Call us crazy, but we think the evidence of his crime was already apparent.)