15 Awesome Hand Tattoos

With this tattoo design (as the song says), you've got the whole world in your hands.

A tattoo for the Terminator in you.

To help make that on-the-spot to do list a little more organized.

Let that elephant help you hold those weighty pencils.

Stunning hand art by Jak Connolly.

Buck finger tattoo with the antlers spreading out onto the hand by Jean Le Roux.

The mark of a guardian of the galaxy. Artist: Insane, courtesy of @TattooistArtMag.

Colorful matching butterflies by Antony Flemming.

This knuckle tat is a sign of quality — literally.

A knuckle dagger tattoo.

Skull & clock hand piece done by Greg Nicholson.

A tree whose roots wrap around your fingers.

Gone fishin.'

2/3rd's of a tiger's face.

Handgun by Rico at Redwave Tattoo And Art Gallery, Fresno.