10 Ridiculous Items Purrfect for the Craziest Cat Ladies

A few weeks ago, the second annual CatConLA took place, and feline lovers from across the globe converged to celebrate all things kitty. A quick glance at the vendor page introduced us to these outrageous goodies.

1Cat Bow Ties

Admit it; your cat is looking a little too casual these days. But don't fret— you can spruce up its wardrobe in no time! Business Catual specializes in neckwear for the discerning feline. You can even buy a bowtie set so you and your cat can match.

2Cat Hats

Any cat with a bow tie deserves an equally stunning hat. Etsy seller NotsoKittyShop makes festive holiday hats, nurses caps, and fancy fascinators for your fashionable feline. You're sure to find the purrfect hat for your cat here, and the shop also carries bow ties as well as stylish glasses.

3Cat Wigs

Perhaps your cat doesn't want to wear a hat; maybe it's just embarrassed by a thinning hairline. Check out Leisha Hanley's (of Showtime's The L Word) Pet Wigs. (I'm holding out until my orange tabby can get a nice Trump-inspired toupee.)

4Cat Jobs

No, you can't actually get your cat a job, even at CatConLA. But if your furry friend is bored by a leisurely lifestyle, you can at least help him or her imagine life as a "career cat" with fantastic commissioned artworks by Amy Beth Geerling Payne.

5Cat Clothes

No, not all cats need clothes, but Sphynxes get cold easily—and they look so darn cute in a sweater! While there are a decent amount of cat clothiers out there, Sphynx Swag not only has an extensive selection, but it also has some of the best options for shoppers with "cattitude." From punk tees to novelty shirts, Sphynx Swag lets your cat express its inner-self the same way a teen can at Hot Topic.

6Cat Yoga Mats

Cats are pretty flexible naturally, so it only makes sense for them to love yoga—but any aspiring yoga student still needs a mat. Fortunately, Feline Yogi is here with a purrfectly sized yoga mat for kitties who are ready to master their downward dog.

7Cat Wine

If you want something sophisticated to do with your cat after a nice yoga session, why not consider wine tasting? Thanks to Apollo Peak, your furry friend can toast with a Pinot Meow or a Moscato. This kitty-friendly wine is non-alcoholic and made with beets and catnip, so don't feel bad if Fluffy drinks a whole bottle on her own.

8Cat Weed

Have a cat that likes to party? You don't need to head to Colorado to get a fatty joint for your feline. Instead, check out Purrvana's excellent selection of Kitty Kush and Kitty Joints. These buds combine catnip and other organic herbs to create potent blends sure to rile up even the most somber kitty.

9Cat Chairs

Aside from whimsical-yet-traditional cat towers, Square Paws also sells impressive chairs designed just for cats, including this royal throne for the kitty that is truly king of his castle.

10Cat People

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born a cat. We humans can only dream of such wonders, but our fantasies can be made a touch more tangible, thanks to the art of Heather Soodak. Heather is a talented artist with a real knack for reimagining humans as felines—just look at her take on The Voice. You can even commission her to custom draw you as a cat.