8 Sexiest Wikipedia Entries

1Sex positions

Probably the tamest picture on the page (a sculpture from 1 B.C.)

Sure, there are plenty of graphic entries about sex acts, but why search for them individually when you can just visit the Sex Position page and view most of them. Then, try with your partner and report your experience below (innovators can perhaps add their own ideas to the list). But if you're really looking for a thrill, visit the Talk page where users argue about it—a recent controversy erupted over the use of the word “uncircumcised” in the descriptions.

2List of most viewed porn videos of all time

Errr, make that 135,628,001

Needless to say, there're a lotta people watching porn in this world, and this list is trying to figure out who's on top. Currently, the reigning champ is (not surprisingly) the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J which has 135,628,000 views on Pornhub. The page itself has generated some controversy about its relevance and is being considered for deletion.

3Death during consensual sex

Pope John XII may have had a stroke during sex or was beaten to death by the cuckold

Dying while having sex is perhaps the ultimate way to go—unless of course you are the partner. According to Wikipedia, death during consensual sex only accounts for 0.6% of all sudden fatalities; the short list of notable figures who have allegedly shed this mortal coil in such a fashion include Pope John XII and Nelson Rockefeller.

4Camel toe page

In case you don't know or haven't heard the song, a "camel toe" is slang for “ the outline of a woman's labia majora in tightly fitting clothes,” which some have compared to the toe of a dromedary. For comparison's sake, the entry has the two side-by-side.

5Sexy Son Hypothesis

This is what it looks like when flies fuck

Here's a sexy hypothesis for you, courtesy of biologist Ronald Fisher. In 1930, he created the “sexy son hypothesis” to describe the process of how a female chooses a male to copulate with based on the attractiveness of their children. And if that's not sexy enough for you, there's a photo of a pair of Drosophila melanogaster mating! Ooh la la!

6Sex in Space

The 2suit, a proposed sex outfit demonstrated on the History Channel episode entitled Sex in Space

A future problem, which is being tackled now, and which has it's own Wikipedia page—how to f**k in zero gravity. On the page, they discuss Newton's Law, tests with laboratory rats, as well as planned attempts to film a porn in space by adult website Pornhub (it failed).

7Oral Stimulation of nipples

Drawing courtesy SeedFeeder, Wikipedia's most prolific sex artist

Some sexy Wikipedia pages are even hotter when heard, not seen. A Wikipedia editor by the name of Falconilla Red Foreman reads the entry “Oral Stimulation of Nipples” in his West Country English accent. Listen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Oral_stimulation_of_nipples.ogg

8Wikipedia thong

This entry isn't on Wikipedia itself, but rather it's a sexy way to WEAR Wikipedia. It's a thong you can buy for yourself or your loved ones and has the Wikipedia logo right where it counts.