13 Weird Christmas Sweaters

Admit it—it's impossible to get away from the media juggernaut that is Kimye. If you really need a sweater with one of their likenesses, you can find them at Fresh Brewed Tees.

Nothing like spending the holidays in Uncle Eddie's rank RV from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Find the sweater on Amazon.

Two homemade sweaters showing Rudolph with what appears to be the Christmas flu.

Want a sweater that catches Santa in a very private moment? You can find it on Amazon.

As you're about to cut into that Christmas ham, Morrissey is here to remind you that meat is murder. If you're interested in making time with your favorite vegan, you can find the sweater on Etsy.

A perfect conversation starter for that Christmas pub crawl. This one is also available on Etsy.

Santa like you've never seen him, with a six pack and a horse's body—that's right, a "Santataur."

This snowman can't catch a break—even at Christmas. (Sorry, this one is sold out!)

A practical, yet festive sweater for the mom who's still breastfeeding. Find it on Etsy.

A different kind of North Pole, courtesy of href="http://costumeagent.com/product/stripper-north-pole-ugly-christmas-sweater/">Costume Agent.

This ugly sweater works with your smartphone to display an animated fireplace within your sweater that actually crackles and sounds like a real fire. Simply download the app that comes with the sweater, slip your phone into the secure pocket on the front and it will display a roaring fire. If it only gave off heat for those cold winter nights! Find it at Oddity Mall.

The coolest Christmas sweater on our list! "Enter the 36 degrees of death" with this high quality, knit Wu Tang sweater, from Shredders Knit Apparel.

The reason for the season—Jesus was way cool! Find Him on Amazon.