11 Fascinating Vintage Thanksgiving Ads

Because nothing says Thanksgiving more than cigarettes, beer, and dishes with too much mayonnaise.

Cigarettes—as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and all the trimmings (not to mention, they're great digestion aids)!

The "surprise" is that anyone would eat this to begin with.

We long for the days of food as kitchy art.

The hipster beer of 2015 was once "an American tradition" at Thanksgiving.

We sure hope this turkey can't read!

Perfect for the lazy, TV-addled family of the 1970s.

If this is what the turkey tasted like the first time, we're not sure we'd want seconds.

Call us crazy, but we're pretty sure airplane blueprints and whisky don't make for a winning combo.

Ah, the days when wrapping everything in aluminum foil made you a "champion chef."

Capture your murderous memories for future generations.

Don't look so surprised—it's just corn!