10 Lucky People Who Walked Away From Certain Death

1The Man Who Was Sandwiched Between Two Trucks

Some car accidents are no big deal, but when a car is sandwiched between two tractor trailers, the outcome is usually not good. Kaleb Whitby crashed into a jackknifed semi while driving down the I-84 in Oregon, which was covered in black ice. After the initial crash, he thought the worst was over until he noticed another trailer headed straight for him. His vehicle was wedged between the two trailers and two dozen more cars ended up entangled in the wreck. Whitby prepared for the worst, but somehow miraculously walked away with just a few scrapes and bruises.

2The Pilot Who Walked Away From A Plane Crash Unharmed

Car crashes are the leading cause of death, yet people are more afraid of dying in a plane crash, likely because plummeting to the ground seems far more terrifying.

In May 2014, a pilot lost control of his aircraft and crashed into the second story of a Northglenn, Colorado house while flying upside down. He walked away unharmed and—thankfully—nobody was home at the time. From the look of the photos, the pilot is lucky to be alive, but probably didn't feel so lucky when the owners of the house got hold of him!

3The Boy Who Was Run Over By A Car And Got Up Immediately After

A collision on a Brazilian highway sent a parked car hurtling towards a 56-year-old woman and her five-year-old grandson who were walking down a city sidewalk.

Incredibly, despite being visibly run over by the runaway car, the boy immediately gets up. He is dazed but unharmed. He walks over to his grandmother who is lying on the ground. She is shocked, but otherwise fine. Both were checked out at a nearby hospital and later discharged with minor injuries.

4The Man Who Fell Off A Cliff And Only Incurred A Fine

Falling from great heights is a surefire way to seal your fate. When someone falls from any distance of over four stories (or forty feet), it's assumed they are going to receive grievous injuries—if they survive. Timothy Mazurczak amazingly survived a sixty-foot fall off a cliff without a scratch.

Mazurczak was hiking with a friend in New York's Letchworth State Park when he got too far out on the cliff's edge and lost his footing. It took first responders about two hours to rescue him. He was later ticketed by state park police for failing to use designated trails.

5The Cyclist Who Was Hit By Two Vehicles And Walked Away

Cyclists risk their lives every time they hit the road, which is why they have to keep their wits about them. But, no matter how vigilant the biker is, there's always the possibility of being involved in a wreck thanks to irresponsible drivers.

One Russian bicyclist became sandwiched between a car and a delivery truck when the vehicles crashed at an intersection. Thanks to CCTV cameras, the cyclist survived without a scratch and now has proof of his incredible luck.

6The Driver Who Walked Away After His Car Was Impaled By A Guard Rail

People have walked away from some pretty insane car crashes. However, when the car is impaled by an object, we can't help but to assume the worst.

South African soccer star Rooi Mahamutsa of the Orlando Pirates proved that an impaled car doesn't always have to result in death. Mahamutsa walked away from his wreck unharmed—despite the fact that a nearby guardrail went straight through the car, skewering the slick BMW like a shish kebab. Now he can prove he never lost his head in a stressful situation!

7The Man Who Was Mauled By A Bison And Walked Away Without A Broken Bone

North American bison were once pushed to the brink of extinction by those who settled the American West. Today, they won't take guff from anyone.

A man learned how ornery a bison could get when he visited the Antelope Island State Park in Utah and drew some unwanted attention. The 1,500 lb animal charged at him and repeatedly rammed him into a fence, which may have helped him survive the encounter. If he had been trampled on he would have likely died from internal injuries. Instead, he walked away from the beastly encounter embarrassed, but unharmed with his nicks and bruises serving as a reminder of why you should never taunt a bison.

8The Couple That Survived A Lightning Strike Because They Were Holding Hands

It is estimated that between 6000 and 24,000 people a year are struck by lightning. One young couple from California may have found the solution to surviving a lightning strike by just holding hands. The teens were out for a stroll during a severe thunderstorm when they were struck. The shock knocked them off their feet. They went to the hospital where physician Stefan Reynoso told them lightning struck them and that by holding hands they "helped to diffuse the electrical current that ran through their bodies."

9The Drag Racer Who Was Thrown Through The Windshield And Walked Away Unscathed

Drag racers know the risks when they race, and sometimes they get lucky in other ways besides winning. A drag race at Pikes Peak International Raceway went horribly wrong when the driver of a 1955 Chevy fishtailed and collided with another car. That heavy, old Chevy flipped through the air and the lower half of the driver's body ended up hanging out of the front windshield. The driver walked away with nothing but a few scrapes and a crazy memory.

10The Driver Who Was Totally Unharmed After His Car Split In Two

Car crashes don't come much more spectacular than this. A wanna-be race car driver in Thailand got into a horrible crash that resulted in his Lamborghini Gallardo being split in half.

Somehow, the driver walked away unharmed (he was seen talking on his cell phone mere minutes after the crash) despite his Gallardo being totaled. He attributes his survival to the Buddhist amulet he was wearing.