10 Coolest Ambigram Tattoos

1I'm Fine – Save Me

Bekah Miles has depression. She's trying to come to grips with the illness. As an expression of her efforts, she got this tattoo which beautifully illustrates how depression is experienced. When other people look at her leg, it says “I'm Fine.” When she looks down at her tattoo, Bekah sees “Save Me.”

2Saint - Sinner

3Isabelle - Princess

4Regret – Nothing

When you first look at this tattoo, it appears it's about being regretful. It's only when you flip it that you understand that it actually means “Regret Nothing."

5Art & Science - Philosophy

This tattoo says "ART & SCIENCE." Flip it over and it reads "PHILOSOPHY."

6Family – One Love

7Loyalty – Family


9Life – Death

10Friends - Sisters