15 SDCC Cosplayers Share Their Jobs

The San Diego Comic Con is the largest pop culture convention in the world. People come from all across the globe to celebrate their favorite comic books, video games, movies and more. Some of those them pay tribute by cosplaying as their favorite characters, but what do these costumed superfans do during the work week?

Photographer Zeon Santos and I asked cosplayers at the 2015 SDCC to tell us about their real-life careers and here's what we found out.

1Batman the Police Officer

Batman may operate outside the law, but he's still an advocate of justice, making him a perfect character for a police officer to cosplay.

2The Red Shirt Security Officer

Being a red shirt isn't a great occupation for those who want to live long, but it is the right choice for this real-life security officer.

3Rick Grimes the High School Coach

When asked if he would be a sheriff in another life, this cosplayer said it would be too stressful.

4Abby Sciuto the Information Manager

This British NCIS cosplayer wasn't quite sure what Americans would call her position but was quite happy when told it was pretty similar to an information systems manager.

5Spider-Man the Air Force Cadet

Peter Parker might be a journalist when not saving lives, but this cosplayer works for the U.S. Airforce when he's not in costume.

6Jack Sparrow the Illustrator

He's a drunk, thieving scoundrel in the films, but he still entertains boys and girls of all ages.

7Rapunzel the GameStop Manager

And she couldn't have been more excited about the upcoming Tangled world in Kingdom of Hearts 3.

8Red Hood The Hotel Manager

If you ever stay at a hotel in Salt Lake City, you might just see this hero at work.

9Daenerys Targaryen the Kitchen Designer

Apparently, Daenerys really can do it all — raise dragons, free slaves, rule foreign kingdoms, and help you pick the perfect cupboards for your lifestyle.

10The School Transportation Manager/Vault Dweller

I can't decide if her job would be easier or harder in the post-apocalypse.

11Wonder Woman the Real Estate Developer

Hopefully, she doesn't leave her invisible jet on empty properties that are about to go under construction.

12Babydoll the Film Student

No matter what happens, this is a lot happier story arc than the one Babydoll faces in Sucker Punch.

13The Technical Production Manager/Stormtrooper

He may not be able to hit anything with his gun, but Mark Kinsey of the 501st Legion nails it when it comes to work.

14Tank Girl the Makeup Artist

If this lovely lady looks familiar, it could be because she was on last season's Face Off. Keaghlan Ashley is still in the makeup industry and heads her own company, Red Till Dead Designs.

15Jafar the Evil Sorcerer

Of course, some people just like to dress up like their real-life professions...