9 Mind-Blowing Makeup Artists

1The male actor who transforms himself into a host of female celebrities (Philippines)

In September 2014, a male actor and TV host, Paolo Ballesteros, suffered a mild stroke, but he used the time convalescing to create these incredible makeup transformations.

Ballesteros went viral after transforming himself into a host of female celebrities including Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. He uses makeup, wigs and colored contact lenses to recreate famous features, and his skills are beyond impressive.

He spends several hours creating each uncanny likeness, then posts the evidence on his Instagram account @pochoy_29.

4The makeup artist who transforms real-life people into comic book superheroes and villains (Canada)

Do you dream of having superpowers? One makeup artist has developed a superpower of her own, thanks to a lot of creativity and a bit of face paint.

Professional makeup artist Lianne Moseley, 25, from Calgary, Canada, turns regular people into real-life superheroes by covering them in an array of vivid colors to make them look just like illustrations from comic books. Created entirely by hand, her designs range from face only to full-body works of art.

Moseley has transformed people into comic book characters including Superman, Wonder Woman, Sterling Archer, and She-Hulk. She has been working as a professional makeup artist for seven years and was inspired to paint faces in this style after viewing the work of Argenis Pinal, an Argentinian make-up artist, on Instagram.

The talented artist has turned herself into a variety of superheroes and villains, such as Batman's Poison Ivy, Star Trek's Spock and X-Men's Gambit and creates her unique comic book character looks regularly.
She uses a water-based makeup called Aquacolor to bring the characters to life. The process can take anywhere from one to seven hours to complete.

With more than 6,000 likes on Facebook, Lianne is inundated with requests from friends and family to re-imagine them as beloved comic heroes and villains, too.

6The makeup artist who transforms herself into pop culture characters (U.S.)

It has been proven time and time again that anything is possible with makeup.

Hollywood makeup artist Kandee Johnson uses her skills to channel various pop culture icons. With cosmetics, wigs and additional props, she transforms herself into characters including Betty Boop, Snow White, and Edward Scissorhands.

Kandee uses social media not only to show the world her talent, but also to teach the artistry of makeup. Her YouTube channel has more than 2.9 million subscribers. There, you can find tips and tricks to be anything you want, from a Madonna to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Check out more of Kandee's work below:

8The man who transforms himself into female megastars (U.K.)

Women all over the world would love to be able to transform themselves into sought-after celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce. And now, the art of becoming these female megastars has been mastered – by a man.

Marc Zapanta, a 20-year-old Filipino born Brit, can transform himself into Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj – just with makeup in his bedroom.

He then uploads his face-painting feats and to YouTube. One of Marc's top videos – the Nicki Minaj tutorial – has more than 110,000 hits, while his Kim Kardashian has more than 65,000. He is so good at changing himself that his channel, "The Prince of Vanity," has 53,000 subscribers.

10The body panter who transforms her face into characters from video games and mythology (U.S.)

From an eerie statue of Aphrodite to a terrifying demon, this American makeup artist and body painter transforms her face into a host of awe-inspiring characters.

Jordan Hanz, 24, has only been conjuring up these living works of art for a little over a year, but she has already transformed herself into a whole host of fantastical characters.

Jordan claims her more complicated looks take between three and five hours to create –that's unsurprising given the impeccable detail involved. She regularly posts mesmerising time-lapse tutorials on her YouTube channel and has amassed more than 200,000 Instagram followers so far.

12The artist who transforms herself into movie characters (Italy)

This portrait painter uses her talents to transform herself into stars including Sylvester Stallone, Breaking Bad's Walter White, Angela Lansbury and Iggy Pop.

Marlon Brando's Don Corleone looks so real, it's hard to believe it's not the man himself staring out from that well-weathered face. But underneath those bushy eyebrows and wrinkles, is the pretty face of Italian portrait painter and makeup artist Lucia Pittalis.

Walking work of art: The 43-year-old, pictured here turning into Keith Richards, studied art for two years before training to become a makeup artist.

This incredible transformation and others like it were created by 43-year-old Lucia using makeup alone. No prosthetics or camera tricks were involved, just intricate makeup application.

If you want to see more of Lucia's work, check out her Instagram account.

14The makeup artist who recreates realistic celebrity faces (Ireland)

Maria Malone-Guerbaa, a 40-year-old London-based makeup artist, can transform herself into a whole host of famous faces, using only makeup brushes and her creative genius.

Maria, who hails from Limerick, Ireland, recreates celebrity faces, footballers, zombies, 3D effects and gory wounds with face paint. Her specialties include Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Nelson Mandela, and the Queen.

If you are fascinated and want to see more of Maria's work, check out her Instagram at mariamalone1122.

See, it's simple. Now you try!

17The man who transforms into “American Horror Story” characters (U.S.)

Artisy Jan Bonito transforms into “American Horror Story” characters with just makeup.
A former student at the The Governor's School for the Arts in Richmond, Virginia, he now resides in Colorado and his skills are truly mind blowing.

Bonito channels not only American Horror Story: Freak Show, but he's got Lana Del Rey and others in the mix, too. Check out his Instagram at @jkbonito where he shows you exactly how he achieves each look.

19The middle aged man who transforms himself into a young lady (Japan)

If this doesn't shock you, then it's unlikely anything will. You might never look at make up transformation the same way again.

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