13 More Amazing Easter Eggs

It's been a few years since we featured some great Easter egg designs, so it seemed like the perfect time to hunt down a few more. Here are some egg-cellent Easter creations you won't want to miss.


Traditional Ukranian Easter eggs take time to make as they use a variety of techniques to create elaborate patterns. The most common technique involves using layers of wax to seal in dye colors that are applied from light to dark. The designs and even the colors used on Pysanka eggs all have symbolic meanings, so if someone gives you one as a gift, they might be trying to tell you something.

2Ukranian Beaded Designs

When it comes to decorating Easter eggs, Ukrainians seem to have mastered the art. Aside from the stunning Pysanka eggs above, residents of the country are also known for beautiful beading around their eggs. These elaborate creations take a long time to complete, and are a popular tourist souvenir since they are usually created from wooden eggs, which makes them easier to transport than Pysanka eggs.

3The Egg Shell Sculptor

For those of us who have a hard time blowing an egg out of a shell for the purpose of decoration, it's impossible to imagine using power tools to gently carve the shell. But The Egg Shell Sculptor does just that, and creates stunning, detailed designs on all types of eggs.

4Easter Diorama

DeviantArtist Minifanaticus used a variety of materials to create this precious Easter scene in a very realistic looking plastic egg.

5Monet Inspired

Jack Lall took inspiration from a number of famous artists for his Easter egg paintings. Perhaps the closest likeness to the original source is this striking Monet egg.


You don't need to color an egg to make it into something beautiful. Vers Cythere used her crochet skills to make Easter eggs as lovely as they are delicate.


Can science and technology decorate your eggs for you? If you own an EggBot they can. Just create a design in the provided software and print it onto your egg. There's even a hot wax add-on so you can create traditional Pysanka eggs with the device.

8Star Gate Atlantis

Sure, Pysanka eggs are a time-honored art form that incorporates traditional patterns and shapes, but the basic concept of using wax to seal in dye colors can be used on all types designs. This design by Nancy Sims shows that the technique can also be used to make great geek Easter eggs.

9Zombie Egg

Most Easter egg designs use only the shell, but this egg by DeviantArt user WonderDookie takes advantage of the meat inside to create a perfect, brain-craving zombie.


It's surprising just how much difference a paper leaf and some ears will make. After all, it's the 3D element that makes this design by DeviantArtist Panda Phobia really shine.

11Geode Egg Shells

Looking to teach the little ones a bit of science while you color eggs this year? Then don't miss this tutorial by Melissa Howard that shows you how to make geodes out of your egg shells.

12Justice Leggs

Love the heroic deeds of DC's superhero super team? Then check out these adorable painted eggs by Gaming Angels.

13World of Warcraft

DeviantArtist Devilflower-chan brought her love of World of Warcraft to her Easter egg designs and the result is sure to make any Horde fan smile.