15 Of the Coolest Forced Perspective Photos

Beach attack.

By flicker user mackee_lee.

Fixing the Washington Monument by Mark Smith.

Accidental forced perspective photo.

Where does she stop and the road begin?

By Flea Yan.

Forced perspective snap from the 1940s.

Although basketball and astronomy may seem like polar opposite hobbies, one photographer combined the two and created this perfectly-timed picture. The juxtaposition between the basketball hoop and full moon appear to be a natural fit.

Forced perspective of an ant on a cup, staring down a helicopter.

Who needs Photoshop when you have 10 billion tons and 10,582 km² of Salt! Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni (the largest salt flat in the world). By Tristan Brown.

That's one big golf ball.

By flicker user [email protected]@ssy.