10 Craziest Drone Stories

1Drone Carrying Albanian Flag Causes Riot at Soccer Match

During a qualifying soccer match between Serbia and Albania, the rivalry was so intense that Albanians were not even allowed in the Serbian stadium. However, that didn't stop a pro-Albanian prankster, who also happened to own a drone, from causing havoc. During the middle of the game, he flew his aircraft over the field carrying a pro-Albanian flag. Not only that, the flag had a map of “Greater Albania,” which included Serbia. The Serbian soccer players were not amused, and tore the flag down. A brawl started between players, which soon escalated when fans jumped on the field to join in the melee. Needless to say, the match was suspended. Watch!

2World's Fist Porn Shot by Drone

A pair of directors that go by Ghost + Cow claim to have made the world's first porn shot completely by drone. Aptly titled “Drone Boning,” the drone sweeps across beautiful landscapes, only to stumble across naked couples engaged in sexual acts before continuing on. Mild in terms of standard adult fare, but still NSFW:

DRONE BONING // Featuring Taggart & Rosewood // NSFW from GHOST+COW FILMS on Vimeo.

3Hawk Vs. Drone

It's not just liberals that are anti-drone – so are birds who probably see these machines as competition and/or prey. Take a look at this great video of an angry hawk that swiftly takes down a drone encroaching on its air space.

4Drones Used To Drop Drugs in Prison Yards

While commercial use of delivering goods via drones is still illegal (sorry, Amazon) that hasn't stopped criminals for using them to deliver contraband to their buddies in prison. Several incidences have cropped up in the last year. In Canada, a drone was spotted by guards dropping a mysterious package somewhere in the prison yard, but neither the drone or package was found. In Dublin, a drone carrying drugs crashed into an overhead wire installed after a 1973 prison break. Similar successful and unsuccessful deliveries have been reported by prisons around the world.

5Meth Drone Crashes on US/Mexico Border

Similarly, drones are increasingly being used by the drug trade to smuggle across borders. However, most drones can't (yet) carry as much as the greedy drug dealers want. On January 20, 2015, a drone carrying 6lbs worth of methamphetamine crashed near the San Diego/Tijuana border. Authorities said this was hardly the first time this has happened.

6Wedding Video Drone Fail

Flying drones are the latest fad in wedding videos, which can result in spectacular shots… as well as spectacular fails. This videographer posted his embarrassing mishap, which hit the groom in the face, slicing his cheek. Luckily, he says the couple had a good sense of humor about the incident and the video has scored over 2 million views.

7Dad Builds Drone To Follow Son To Bus Stop

Necessity (or laziness?) is the mother of invention. Vermont resident Paul Wallich built a drone to monitor his son's 400-yard walk to the bus during the cold winter months. “I would really rather not be doing that,” he was quoted by NBC News as saying. He built the drone with a smartphone video feed and put a GPS in his son's backpack and wrote about the project in a tech journal; response from readers was decidedly mixed. But until drone battery life improves, Wallich concedes he'll still have to make the trek every morning. Aww, dad…

8Drone Saved By Operator at Last Minute

Drones can travel almost anywhere – the only limit is their battery life. Zwier Spanjer found out the hard way on his first day with his new DJI Phantom 2 Drone when it started losing power mid-flight. It almost met an icy fate in the middle of a pond, but Zwier caught it just in time. His spectacular save was published to YouTube January 8, 2015. It already has 3 million views and some are already calling it the best drone video of the year.

9Mistletoe Drone Accident at TGI Fridays

As a promotional gimmick, restaurant TGIFridays was having a holiday event with a drone carrying mistletoe and hovering over customers' tables, much to their delight. However, when a reporter from the Brooklyn Daily said he was encouraged to let the craft land in her hand, a mishap caused the flying machine to instead clip the nose and chin of the accompanying photographer with the sharp whirring blades. The operator blamed the reporter for flinching.

10Drone Crashes On White House Lawn

Just as we were finishing up this list, a new crazy drone story crashed into our Top 10. On Monday, January 26, 2015 at 3am, a 2-foot drone flew beneath radar and struck a tree on the southern lawn of the White House. President Obama was not at home and no one was injured, but it did raise security concerns. According to law enforcement, it turns out the drone was operated by an unnamed government employee for "recreational purposes" who lost control of the device. The man was not charged with a crime, even though it is illegal to fly a drone in Washington D.C. We still want to know: who was this guy and why was he flying a drone at 3am near the White House?