10 WTF Holidays

1Pissing Day

The Battle of Princeton

When: Second Saturday of March
Where: Princeton, New Jersey
What: During the Revolutionary War Battle of Princeton, British troops were run out of town by the Continental Amy. As they fled, they were – gasp – urinated upon by the Americans. Every year, Nassau St. is closed off as British soldiers flee and people line the streets to pee.
Why: Because Freedom. (And Americans love any excuse to legally pee in the street.)

2Nyepi (Silent) Day


When: Balinese New Year (March 21, 2015)
Where: Bali, Indonesia
What: A day of no fire, no work, no play, no talking, and no eating from 6am to 6pm. During this time, the streets are empty and the airport is closed.
Why: A Hindu holiday, meant to encourage self-reflection. Of course, the days leading up to it are filled with noise and revelry.

3La Tomatina

When: Last Wednesday in August
Where: Buñol, Spain
What: 20,000 people jam the streets to throw 120,000 pounds of raw tomatoes at each other, a tradition in this tiny town of 9,000 people since 1945.
Why: Because it's fun!

4Lopburi Monkey Buffet

Thanks, humans!

When: Last weekend in November
Where: Lopburi, Thailand
What: Thousands of monkeys in the surrounding areas descend upon Pa Prang Sam Yot temple and have a feast that was carefully prepared by humans just for them.
Why: To increase tourism, this holiday was invented by a local businessman in 1989.

5Kanamara Matsuri (“Iron Phallus Festival”)

When: First week of April
Where: Kawasaki, Japan
What: A celebration of the penis! Pink penis hats, penis floats, penis kimonos and more penis-shaped objects than you can shake a, well, penis at!
Why: This ceremony began in the 17th century, when legend says prostitutes would pray to the Kanayama Shrine for protection from disease. Today money raised during the festivities is donated to HIV research.

6Bermuda Day

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts!

When: May 24
Where: The Island of Bermuda
What: An official holiday celebrating their famous Bermuda shorts and a day anyone can wear them to work.
Why: It also represents the first day of summer. Surf's up!

7World Toilet Day

When: November 19
Where: Everywhere
What: Created by the World Toilet Organization, and recognized by the United Nations, this is a very serious day that 20 countries officially celebrate with a variety of different events including speakers, art exhibits, and even soccer games.
Why: Because over 3 billion people do not have access to a private toilet. The goal of this holiday is to raise awareness and help improve sanitation facilities around the world.

8Ivrea Carnaval

When: First week of February
Where: Piedmont, Italy
What: A huge food fight, consisting of men and women throwing oranges at each other.
Why: To pay tribute to a battle that happened in 1194 when the Mugnaia (miller's daughter) decapitated Raineri di Biandrate, the town count. It may have begun with the tossing of beans, but somewhere along the way changed to oranges. It get's pretty juicy – watch below!

9Up Helly Aa

When: Last Tuesday in January
Where: Lerwick, Scotland
What: A fire ritual headed by the Guizer Jarl, who dresses as a Viking hero. Torches are paraded through the streets and then tossed onto a replica Viking ship to watch it burn.
Why: To celebrate the end of winter. The term "Up Helly Aa" is believed to be Norse for “End of Holy Days.”

10Tomb Sweeping Day

When: 104th day after Winter Solstice (April 4 or 5)
Where: China
What: Also known as Qingming, this national holiday is the day Chinese visit the graves of their ancestors, clean them up, offer food, as well as sing and dance.
Why: To reestablish family connections and celebrate spring. This is also traditionally the day young couples begin courtship.