10 Weird Things Done In The Name Of Satan

1The teen who claimed Satan told him to kill his parents

5455. Those numbers produce the word "kill" on a cell phone keypad, and that is what a 16-year-old boy in Sydney said the devil told him to do.

On March 25, 2008, the teen attacked his parents with a knife at their Baulkham Hills home, killing his father and wounding his mother.

The boy was found not guilty of murder and wounding with intent to murder due to a troubled mental state that led him to embrace Satanism. The court was told the boy had notebooks full of "meditations" on the afterlife and had – on at least three separate occasions – heard what he thought to be the devil's voice.

A document entitled "5455" revealed what appeared to be an even more sinister plot involving the killing of two classmates. Psychiatrists concluded the teenager's presentation was consistent with him suffering from an early stage of psychosis in the form of schizophrenia, and he would be held in a mental health facility until he no longer posed a threat to himself or anyone else.

2The Satanic coloring book that is being considered for distribution by a Florida school board

When a Christian group received permission to distribute Bibles and other religious materials to public school students in Florida's Orange County, it wasn't long before other groups, including atheists and Satanists, appealed for the same right.

"If a public school board is going to allow religious pamphlets and full Bibles to be distributed to students, we think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth," the Satanic Temple's spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, explained in a statement.

The book includes pictures of children with satanic symbols on their clothes, as well as messages that support social justice and oppose bullying.

The group's offering is currently under discussion by school board members. Chairman Bill Sublette said, “We definitely, definitely will not be distributing those materials until we have a work session on that issue."

3The legendary entertainer who created a made-for-TV movie inspired by Satanism

Legendary entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. chronicled his dabblings in Satanism in his 1989 memoir, Why Me?

Davis' relationship with the Church of Satan began in 1968 after being invited to a party by a group of young actors sporting red fingernails, signifying their allegiance to the group. Once inside, Sammy indulged in all of the hedonistic activities one would expect at a Satanic gathering. He had such a great time he continued attending the parties and eventually joined the church, then run by founder Anton LaVey.

In 1973, Sammy made himself the star of the first (and only) Satanic sitcom. The feature length pilot for Poor Devil features Davis as a bumbling, coal-shoveling demon who is offered a chance to move up if he can score a soul for hell (in this case, a revenge-seeking San Francisco accountant played by Jack Klugman).

The church saw the show as a great advertisement for its cause, and offered Davis an honorary second-degree Church of Satan membership. He made his way to San Francisco where he gleefully accepted a membership certificate, card, and a Baphomet medallion, which he wore during performances. His relationship with LaVey and the church was such that LaVey considered making him a senior official.

The friendship, however, was short-lived. Religious groups protested Poor Devil, and was not picked up as a series. After a while, Davis simply lost interest.

Of his time in the church he said, “It was a short-lived interest, but I still have many friends in the Church of Satan. I say this to only show that however bizarre the subject, I don't pass judgment until I have found out everything I can about it. People who can put up an interesting case will often find that I'm a willing convert.”

Luckily for us, Davis' involvement in Satanism lives on via YouTube:

4The teen who chopped off a 10-year-old's fingers as a sacrifice to Satan

A 15-year-old Czech girl, Alena Skrivankova, took a 10-year-old friend to the woods to play, only to chop her fingers off with an ax as a sacrifice to Satan.

Jitka Svehlova was strapped to tree by Skrivankova, who hacked the girl's fingers off with an ax she had hidden in her backpack. The younger girl managed to get loose and ran home to her parents, who immediately called police.

Officers found Skrivankova at the scene of the crime with the ax in one hand and the severed fingers in another. She was taken in for psychiatric evaluation.

5The judge who reduced the sentence of a sexual predator who claimed the devil made him do it

A former church deacon at the Nampa Seventh Day Adventist Church in Idaho, Alexander Gonzalez Garcia was charged and found guilty of sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl in a broom closet at the church.

He was initially sentenced to 20 years, forced to register as a sex offender, and never allowed to have contact with the girl again. That is, until he claimed the devil made him do it.

A judge, Bradley S. Ford, inexplicably took pity on the man who said “Satan was in the closet” with him and the girl, and reduced Garcia's sentence to one year so long as he responds well to “treatment.”

6The man who claimed Satan told him to destroy a monument of the Ten Commandments

29-year-old Michael Reed is under mental health evaluation after destroying the Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma state Capitol.

In October 2014, Reed showed up at the Oklahoma City federal building rambling and making derogatory statements about President Barack Obama. He urinated on the monument before running it over and destroying it. When questioned by the Secret Service, he claimed Satan told him to do it and he was a Satanist.

The monument was not without controversy prior to being destroyed. The American Civil Liberties Union has sued to have it removed, saying it violates the Oklahoma Constitution and could be seen as a state endorsement of a religion. Other groups are also seeking to include a monument of their own on the Capitol grounds, including a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan. Additional requests to have a monument at the site have been made by a Hindu leader in Nevada and the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

7The video game developers who blamed Satan for thwarting their crowdfunding efforts

When Phoenix Interactive Studios took to Kickstarter to raise funds for the video game Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham, they were dismayed to find they were short of their goal at the end of the campaign. How short, you ask? Of their $100,000 goal, Phoenix Interactive raised only $19,000.

While its not unheard of for malicious forces conspiring to confound a game's launch (money and time are usually obstacles), the Creationist-run gaming company believes there is only one force at work against them – Satan.

Richard Gaeta, a co-founder of the gaming company, believes Satan is "100 percent" responsible for the funding failure. He argues that since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Bible Chronicles trouble has come into all their lives.

Business partner Martin Bertram agrees. "It's very tangible. From projects falling through and people that were lined up to help us make this a success falling through. Lots of factors raining down on us like fire and brimstone."

The company remains undaunted and plans to find other avenues to release the game, despite its ongoing battle against The Dark Lord.

To see what Bible Chronicles is all about, check out the link below:

8The Satan worshipper and self professed cannibal who changed his name to Pazuzu

A Satan worshipper and self-professed cannibal, Pazuzu Illah Algarad, 35, has been charged with the murders of Joshua Wetzler, 37, and Tommy Welch, 36, after their remains were found in the garden of his home in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Algarad, who changed his name to Pazuzu after the evil force that possess a young girl in the horror film The Exorcist, told police he ate parts of victims then dumped remains in a fire pit. Neighbors also described having seen Algarad performing animal sacrifices and Satanic rituals at the house. While friends said he boasted of killing people, no one really believed he would take this that far. Former pal Bianca Heath said: "Paz told everyone. But I never believed him. I'm sure no one else believed him either. He laughed about the skeletal remains when telling the story on why he did what he did."

Algarad's wife, 24-year-old Amber Burch was also arrested in connection with the murders, as was 28-year-old Krystal Matlock, who was charged with helping bury the bodies.

9The man who stabbed a cab driver to collect souls for Satan

Ricardo Ramirez (not serial killer Richard Ramirez, who was also a Satanist), 20, fatally stabbed cab driver William Bishop, 57, in Mesa, AZ in January 2014. His reason? He was working for Satan and was in the process of collecting souls and people for his "team against Jesus."

Bishop was using a public restroom when he was approached by Ramirez and stabbed multiple times in his back and face. He later died at the hospital.

An officer on the scene said Ramirez made a statement saying the victim's blood "tasted good, like gravy you humans put on stuff."

Ramirez has alleged he doesn't remember the entire incident – he blacked out after drinking at a party and came to while being arrested.

10The Satanists who fought for a holiday display at the Florida state capitol

The Satanic Temple, a New York-based activist organization, is vying for display space at the Florida state capitol during the holiday season.

With atheist advocates petitioning the court for the equal right to display secular holiday messages successfully, it seems Satanists also want in on the action. The organization, which does not believe in a real devil, advocates for religious tolerance and pluralism.

The diorama depicts Lucifer's fall from heaven with a message that reads, “Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple.”

In 2013, the same display was declined by the state capitol on the grounds it was offensive. Since then the organization has gotten a boost from the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, a church-state separatist group, who wrote a letter to the Florida Department of Management Services claiming that the government has a responsibility under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to permit the display.