10 Most Bizarre Road Trips

1The man who drove from Arizona to Michigan with a corpse

Grief and love have driven many into madness. 62-year-old Detroit native Ray Tomlinson was driving from Arizona to Michigan with his 93-year-old mother and 31-year-old girlfriend in his van, when the trip took a tragic turn. Somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas, Tomlinson's girlfriend passed away.

Ray, grief stricken, continued the trip as he believed there was a 48 hour window to report deaths.

The police found an empty bottle of OxyContin in the vehicle and believe that the woman may have overdosed on her medication. She had been hospitalized over nine times in Arizona due to drug and mental health related issues. An employee from the Arizona hospital learned about the woman's passing when she called to check on her.

When the family returned to Michigan, they were greeted by police. The body had already begun decomposing. Luckily for Tomlinson, he is not a suspect in his girlfriend's death.

2The man who traveled around the world 20 times

When the Berlin Wall came down, Gunther Holtorf started traveling with his wife in their Mercedes Benz G Wagen which they fondly referred to as Otto.

What began as a year and a half long trip to Africa was extended into 500,000 mile journey. To put things in perspective, Gunther Holtorf has traveled 20 times the distance around the planet.

It's hard to find a place on the map that Gunther hasn't visited. He has been to Iraq during the war, Cuba and even to North Korea. Gunther shuns technology and uses a couple of very old Leica film cameras that he uses to capture everything on his journey.

Guther's wife died in 2010, but he continued his journey with other companions and retired from the road in 2014.

3The couple on a mission to reduce their fuel usage

In January 2006, John and Helen Taylor embarked on a journey that spread across 25 countries in under 70 days. Their goal was to travel on only 50 tanks of gasoline.

The couple are huge fans of reducing their fuel expenses. In fact, John gives all the money that he saves on gas to his wife.
John says that by following some simple tips such as keeping his car clutter free, avoiding rush hour traffic and using energy-efficient fuel from Shell, he saves cash.

The couple completed their journey in 78 days and averaged 52 mpg while using only 24.4 tanks of fuel.

4The family that has been on the road since 2000

Herman and Candelaria Zapp and their four kids form quite a unique family. They have been traveling since 2000 and all of their children were born during their epic journey.

Herman and Candelaria were childhood sweethearts and have been together since he was 10 and she was 8. They spent their first days as a married couple trying to establish themselves in Argentina. However, Herman says that while they had everything, something felt amiss. They talked about going around the world before they got married and decided to take that long overdue road trip on a 1928 Graham Paige (Model 610) before they had children.

What started as a trip to Alaska never ended. Each of their children have been born in a different country and are home-schooled, and gather unique educational experiences along the way.

5The man who took a 12,000 mile road trip in a Tesla

Many believe that the future is electric and Tesla Motors is considered to be one of the torch bearers of the future. But are we ready to embrace that future? Norman Hajjar believes we are. To prove his point, Hajjar went on a cross-country road trip spanning 12,000 miles in his Tesla Model S in April 2014.

Hajjar's trip was part of The Epic American Road Trip, sponsored by the electric vehicle data company, Recargo. The Tesla passed through 28 states on a zigzagging journey down both coasts, and across the country twice.

The key to the journey's success was in Tesla's charging stations, which can charge a car in less than 20 minutes, compared to other charging infrastructures that take a minimum of 5 hours to recharge.

Hajjar also believes that these chargers could be the key to the growth of electric vehicles if they are placed on strategic locations along the highway.

Hajjar not only successfully completed his 12,000 mile road trip, but has broken the record for the longest drive on an electric vehicle.

6The couple who won 3 world records for their road trip

Liliana and Emil Schmid have been on the road since October 16, 1984 in a land cruiser and are still going strong.

If you think they're simply having fun, think again. The couple has been in the Guinness Book of World Records three times as of 2014. Their first entry was in 1997 when they completed 451,213 kilometers after traveling through 117 countries. The second instance was in 2009 for covering 641,115 kilometers and traveling through 162 countries. The third and most recent entry was in April 2013 for covering 677,281 kilometers.

7The robot on an epic cross-country journey

HitchBOT, if you haven't guessed, is a robot that is on an epic cross-country trip across Canada. The hitchBOT has a computer that is protected by a see-through cover, a torso made up of solar panels and pool noodles for limbs.

The robot has thumbs to hitchhike with and has an interface to help interact with anyone who would offer it a lift. The robot has been tweeting while on its journey and posing for selfies with strangers.

8The parents who traveled across the country with their daughter's remains

Krissy Lynn Werntz and Jason Michael Hann are a California-based couple with the distinction of having traveled across the U.S. with a rather bizarre piece of luggage - the mortal remains of their infant child.

The couple was arrested in 2002 after they failed to pay the rent on a storage unit in Arkansas where they had hidden the body of their daughter Montana. The police had learned that Montana died in Desert Hot Springs, CA in 2001.

The little girl was beaten to death by Hann. The 10-week-old infant's head was wrapped with duct tape and she was shoved into a trash bag. The couple then drove from California to Arkansas to hide the body.

In an even sadder turn of events, the police found another body which belonged to a 2-month-old boy in a separate storage unit in Arizona. The boy also belonged to Werntz and Hann. He died some time in 2000 and the body was discovered about 18 months after his death.

It was also discovered that the couple had a third child, a 1-month-old boy, who was alive but suffering from a dozen broken ribs and retinal hemorrhaging. He has since been placed in foster care and has been adopted.

Hann was convicted of both murders and sentenced to death in 2013. Werntz was not convicted in the murder of the boy, but was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the murder of Montana.

9The man who went on a cross-country bacon barter trip

What do you think you can achieve with 3,000 pounds of bacon? If you answered obesity, you're wrong! Josh Sankey proved it.

The actor/comedian traveled from New York City to Los Angeles on nothing but a trailer filled with bacon as currency. The bacon paid for everything from lodging to food and travel expenses.

Not only did he manage to score great accommodations, he got tickets for a Jets game, a tattoo and much more. Josh's road trip was a publicity stunt backed by Oscar Mayer and he gathered over 2,400 followers on twitter along with over 730,000 likes on Facebook.

So there you go, bacon can take you places and Josh Sankey is proof!

10The woman who traveled from Houston to Orlando wearing a diaper

Ever wondered what astronauts do while not in space? If you guessed going on a 900 mile road trip wearing a diaper, you get full points.

We're talking about Lisa Marie Nowak, who was arrested at the Orlando airport in February 2007 on charges of kidnapping.

This mother of three was involved romantically with NASA pilot Willian Oefelein. Oefelein was also involved with Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman.

Nowak traveled 900 miles to confront Shipman and Oefelein and in true NASA style, wore a diaper to avoid rest stops. She also wore a trench coat, a wig and and was armed with pepper spray. In addition, police found an air pistol, latex gloves, garbage bags, a buck knife and rubber tubing in her trunk which she tried to get rid of before police arrived. She was charged with burglary, destruction of evidence and battery.

Nowak was eventually granted bail and released. While it is not every day that astronauts get involved in love triangles that compel them to soil themselves on the interstate while donning a diaper to settle things girl to girl, the Navy and NASA weren't very impressed. Nowak was suspended, downgraded from Captain to Commander by the Navy and dishonorably discharged.