9 Unusual Biting Incidents

At some point or another, most of us have been bitten in a childhood fight, have bitten our tongues or have been annoyingly been bitten by insects like mosquitos or some other flying critter.

Here are 10 unusual stories involving the act of biting. Ask any of these victims how they felt after being chomped on and they might tell you that it… well, it bites!

1The snake that was killed by breast implants...or was it?

Sure, snakes have been used in photo shoots with models countless times over the years, so it was only a matter of time before a snake bit a model. In this case, the snake fared worse than the model!

In March 2011, model and B-movie actress Orit Fox was doing a publicity photo shoot/radio show appearance in Tel Aviv, Israel. For the shoot, Fox posed with a slithery boa constrictor. All was going well between the surgically-enhanced buxom blonde and the snake until Fox attempted to lick the snake's face. Apparently, the boa didn't like that and bit the peroxide princess' left breast. Fox was rushed to the nearby Hillel Yaffe Medical Center where she was given a tetanus shot.

Almost immediately, rumors swirled on the internet that the snake died from silicon/saline poisoning from the bite. Snake experts have debunked the rumor, explaining that the reptiles don't suck when they bite and therefore the snake got no silicon or saline in its system when it bit Ms. Fox. (Also, a boa constrictor doesn't have two large fangs like a viper, but rows of non-venomous small teeth.)

Ms. Fox made a full recovery but the snake is indeed reported to be dead. Dateline and 48 Hours, are you listening?

2The woman who was bitten by a tattooed teen terror from Texas

Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula… Lyle Bensley?

A 19-year-old man by the name of Lyle Monroe Bensley slipped into a woman's bedroom in Galveston, Texas early one August morning in 2011. That's creepy enough, but when Bensley made growling and hissing noises while biting her neck and hitting her, that's a whole ‘nother level of weird!

The tattooed teen “vampire” then dragged his victim out of her apartment. She broke free and jumped into the car of a passing neighbor. Police arrived around 7:00 am to find Bensley, clad in only his boxers. He was screaming, growling and begging the officers to restrain him because “he didn't want to kill them.” ??Bensley said, "I'm a vampire, and I've been alive for over 500 years,” and told police he “needed to feed.” The incompetent ghoul was booked on burglary and assault charges and held on $40,000 bond.

According to the police, Bensley “didn't appear to be on drugs during the incident.”

3The boxer who bit off a chunk of his opponent's ear

Surely the second Evander Holyfield/Mike Tyson boxing match is one of the most infamous and bizarre fights in boxing history.

This fight, billed as “The Sound and the Fury,” took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on June 28, 1997. This much-anticipated rematch between the two fighters took place a mere seven months after Holyfield beat Tyson for the first time and became the WBA Champion of the world.

With Holyfield dominating the first two rounds of the fight, it was during the third round as Holyfield got Tyson in a clinch that Tyson bit Holyfield's right ear, spitting out a piece of it on the floor. The referee was going to disqualify Tyson immediately, but let the fight continue after the doctor gave the okay for the match to proceed.

Later, Holyfield had Tyson in another clinch and Tyson once again bit Holyfield's ear. The two men fought until the time expired during that round.

When it was discovered that Holyfield was bitten a second time, the fight was stopped. Tyson flew into a rage directed towards Holyfield and his trainer. Holyfield was declared the winner by way of disqualification and retained his title as WBA world champion.

Following the match, Tyson's boxing license was temporarily revoked, and he was fine $3 million.

In 2009, Tyson apologized to Holyfield. Holyfield accepted his apology.

In 2013, the two fighters made a commercial for Foot Locker poking fun of the incident in which Tyson returns Holyfield's ear in a nice, spiffy box.

4The man who was bitten by a snake while on the toilet

When you go to the bathroom, you expect a little peace and quiet to do your business. So, we really feel for this guy who got the surprise of his life while on the toilet!

In 2013, a 35-year-old man was relieving himself in Haifa, Israel when all of a sudden, he felt a strong, burning sensation on his genitals. He looked down and discovered a small snake in the basin of the toilet.

The victim was rushed to the Rambam Medical Center and was treated for minor injuries.

Luckily, the snake was not venomous and the unnamed man was sent home after undergoing further tests.

A paramedic later told the Jewish News, “There will be undoubtedly be bite marks on the area in question.” Imagine trying to explain those scars in a moment of intimacy!

5Have erectile dysfunction? Get bitten by this spider!

Listed as the most venomous spider in the Guinness Book of World Records for a number of years, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is one scary eight-legged creature! These intimidating arachnids are quite large, with bodies up to 2 inches long and a leg-span of up to five or six inches. ??

They got the “wandering” part of their name from their hunting behavior. Instead of spinning webs to catch their prey, they walk along the ground, hunting for it– and watch out if you threaten or frighten them! When startled, they dramatically lift their two front legs high, exposing the red hair around their fangs.

This spider's bite is potent enough to kill a human within minutes if an antidote isn't readily available. Just 6 micrograms of venom are enough to kill your average mouse, and the spider carries more than 10 times that amount of venom in its reserve.

One strange side effect of this spider's bite is that it can cause a long, painful erection in males. The venom contains nitric oxide, a chemical that increases blood flow.

6The man who died from biting his own tongue

Allan Pinkerton was a 19th-century detective who was famous for creating the Pinkerton detective agency and developing investigative techniques such as surveilling a suspect and undercover work.

Perhaps he should have investigated the Chicago sidewalk he was walking on when he slipped and bit his tongue in June 1884. Pinkerton died of gangrene when his bite wound became infected.

7The soccer player who was a serial biter

Uruguay football/soccer player Luis Suárez gained worldwide notoriety when he bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in his country's final group game at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, earning him a 9-game international ban.

This isn't the first time Suárez has bitten a player on the field. In 2013, the striker earned a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic. The 27-year-old player also earned a 7-match ban in 2010 for chomping on PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal.

Leave it to somebody to put their money where their mouth is or, rather where Suárez's mouth is. Within days of the World Cup biting incident, Chinese manufacturers started selling Louis Suárez bottle openers.

While speaking at his presentation as a Barcelona player, Suárez assured fans and fellow team members that he sought help with his chomping problem stating, “I say to all the fans: ‘Don't worry, I won't do that again.' ”

8The centipede that can kill a bat

It seems like many different types of species are larger in the Amazon than in other parts of the world. The Amazonian Giant Centipede is one such creature.

These carnivorous centipedes, which can grow up to a foot long, pack a potent bite that is enough to kill large prey like mice and bats.

Scolopendra gigantea is the Latin name for this venomous and bad tempered centipede.

These giant centipedes are very aggressive when catching their prey. When catching a bat, they climb cave walls and wait. When the bat is close enough, the centipede lunges out while holding onto the cave wall with its rear legs and grabs it, wrapping its body around its victim.

These centipedes can kill most small animals and can be very toxic to humans. When someone is bit, they can experience extreme swelling and fever.

9The man who got bitten by a snake and had a beer while waiting for paramedics

Queensland, Australia resident Rod Sommerville was tending to his garden earlier this year when he was bitten on the finger by one of Australia's deadliest snakes, an eastern brown. The 54-year-old Aussie hit the snake on the head with his shovel and then called an ambulance.

While waiting for help to arrive, Sommerville reached into his refrigerator and got himself a beer. He later said, “I said to myself, if I'm going to cark it (die) I'm going to have a beer, so I got a Goldie (Australian beer XXXX Gold) out of the fridge and drank that.”

Not only did the gardener from Down Under have a nice cold one, he didn't even wake his son because he did not want to bother him!

Mr. Sommerville wasn't out of the woods, even after getting help. He had an allergic reaction to the anti-venom and spent four days in intensive care. The snake-bitten man spent more than three weeks in the hospital, recovering.

I wonder if Sommerville got himself a much-deserved beer as soon as he got home?