10 Weirdest Teeth

From weird tumors to fish with human dentures, take a look at these ugly teeth stories.

1Teen has 232 teeth removed

Now, this is really a mouthful. Doctors at J J Hospital found 232 teeth in a 17-year-old boy's mouth, which were removed in a surgery that lasted more than six hours.

The hospital's dental department has decided to forward the case to Guinness World Records for the most number of teeth extracted from an individual's mouth.

The boy, Ashiq Gavai, resides in a village in the Buldhana district of the Amravati region. Around a year-and-a-half ago, his family noticed a swelling in the right side of his lower jaw, but the local doctors couldn't identify the problem. His family even feared he suffered from cancer.

Ashiq was diagnosed with a condition called composite odontoma or a benign tumor of the tooth, which can cause difficulties in eating, swallowing, and lead to a grotesque swelling of the face, though it is not life-threatening. The condition has been known to affect the upper jaw and a maximum of 25 teeth can be extracted from a tumor, but in Ashiq's case, the tumor was found deep in the lower jaw and the doctors removed more than 232 teeth.

Calling the case a medical wonder, doctors said the boy now has a normal set of 28 teeth, and they will insert caps to replace the removed teeth once he completely recovers.

2Doctors pull a tooth out of a man's nose

Nosebleeds are common among children and young adults, but one young man's frequent nosebleeds turned out to have a rather unusual cause – he actually had a tooth in his nose.

After suffering from nosebleeds once or twice a month for three years, the 22-year-old man in Saudi Arabia consulted a doctor, who found an ivory-white, bony mass, about half an inch (1 centimeter) long in the man's nose. The doctors then consulted with dentists, who concluded that the mass was actually an extra tooth that had somehow ended up growing in his nose and had it removed.

The patient had an otherwise well-aligned and complete set of teeth in his mouth.

3Teen boy grows vampire teeth

A Chinese boy has grown two sharp front teeth - causing him look like a vampire.

In December 2012, mother Wang Hui took her son Wang Pengfei, 16, to a local hospital for medical tests. The boy, from Chongqing municipality, southwest China, had very little hair at birth and only two sharp fangs in his mouth.

Wang Hui tried to get to the bottom of his curious canines with umpteen hospital visits, but she was met with little success.

Doctors at South West Hospital say that her son will be eligible for surgery when he is an adult. The cost for sorting out his dodgy gnashers will be around 70,000 to 80,000 Yuan or $15,000.

Wang Hui claims her son has become more and more isolated and that he attacks classmates who stare at him or whisper about him.

4Baby's rare brain tumor has a tooth on it

A 4-month-old infant in Maryland may be the first person to have had teeth form in his brain as a result of a specific type of rare brain tumor.

Doctors first suspected something might be wrong when the child's head appeared to be growing faster than is typical for children his age. A brain scan revealed a tumor containing structures that looked very similar to teeth normally found in the lower jaw.

The tumor was has been removed and the boy is doing well.

5Blind man regains sight after having tooth implanted in his eye

Englishman Martin Jones was blind for almost a decade. However, he regained his sight in 2009 after a bizarre medical procedure – doctors implanted a piece of tooth in his eye.

The tooth that was implanted was a canine tooth which is also known as the "eyetooth" and it was pulled out of Martin Jones' own mouth. A man-made eye lens was then implanted into its base and placed it under the lid of his eye, allowing the tissue to grow over the canine. A flap of Martin's skin was taken from his mouth and also implanted over the tooth, which later acquired its own blood supply.

Doctors then cut a hole in the cornea to permitted light to enter the eye. This procedure has given six hundred people vision.

6Dentist pulls out every tooth in patient's mouth

An autistic man was left toothless after a dentist pulled all of his 32 teeth during what should have been a routine procedure.

Christopher Crist, 21, from Indianapolis, went to the dentist where he wanted just three teeth which were causing him problems removed. The young man claims that after the dentist gave him pills to help with the pain, there was "a miscommunication" that led to all his teeth being taken out.

7Man has tooth embedded in ear for 3 decades

A Sheffield man who endured decades of painful earaches and infections says his suffering is finally behind him – after doctors extracted a tooth from his ear canal.

Stephen Hirst, aged 47, of Torksey Road, Shiregreen, first complained of piercing pains in his right ear as a teenager, and has met with countless doctors over the years in an attempt to discover the bizarre cause of his mystery condition.

Stephen said the pain was sometimes so excruciating he would be left “screaming” in agony, until determined staff at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital discovered the tooth embedded in his ear and removed it.

Doctors remains mystified as to how the tooth came to be jammed in the 47-year-old's ear canal in the first place. Especially as he had all his teeth taken out some time ago.

8Baby is born with 28 teeth

In 2010, mother-of-four Martha Muthoni shocked residents of Nyandarua County, Kenya, after giving birth to a healthy baby boy who was born with 28 teeth.

According to Peter Mumero, a local clinical officer, Martha delivered her son James Mwangi safely at home. Mother and baby were then bought to a local health facility after the amazing discovery was made.

Mwangi, now four years, has grown without any health complications and fed on githeri when he was eight months.

9Surgeons find two teeth embedded in eye tumor

A 23-year-old woman in India, Nagabhushanam Siva, was surprised, along with her doctors, to discover that two fully formed teeth were embedded in the tissue of a tumor she had in her eye since birth.

The tumor continued to swell throughout the years. When her vision became blurred, she contacted a doctor. Because the tumor was left untreated for so long, it damaged the optic nerve causing Nagabhushanam to be permanently blind in that eye. The surgeons found the teeth when they removed the tumorous growth.

10Fish with human teeth

The Pacu is a South American freshwater fish found in most rivers and streams in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of lowland Amazonia, but they have also been reported as far as Papua New Guinea, where it was artificially introduced to aid the local fishing industry.

The Pacu is related to the meat-eating piranha, although they have different food habits. The piranha is a carnivorous species, while the pacu is omnivorous with vegetative tendencies. The difference is evident in the structure of their teeth. Piranha have pointed, razor-sharp teeth whereas pacu have squarer, straighter teeth, that eerily resemble those of humans.

While they are not aggressive carnivores like the piranha, their crushing jaw system can be hazardous. One toddler needed surgery after a pacu bit her finger at Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World in Scotland. Commenting on the incident, Deep Sea World zoological manager Matthew Kane warned, "Pacus will eat anything, even children's wiggling fingers."