10 Strangest Cybercrimes

1Arrested for "Happy" parody on YouTube

Pharrell's Oscar winning tune "Happy" has become a massive nightmare for 6 Iranian fans. Ever since the video for the song was released, featuring random people dancing on the streets of Los Angeles, people all over the world have been making parodies of the clip. So, it was only a matter of time until a bunch of Iranian friends got together to make their own version, “Happy We Are from Tehran

The video featured various Iranian teens (including women) dancing on the streets without covering their heads and wearing “provocative clothing." The video went viral and the kids were arrested for the "vulgar clip" by police who said they "hurt public chastity."

It was only after immense pressure from Pharrell, the Iranian people, the Iranian President and the entire world that these kids were finally released. So, the next time you happen to visit Iran, try not to be very happy. You could land yourself in jail if your happiness is too contagious.

2A Facebook “Poke” lands a woman in prison

Be careful who you poke on Facebook, you might get into trouble.

In the off-chance that any of you may not know what a Facebook poke is, the social media site says that it is a feature that conveys more than one meaning in the virtual world. While most people use it to say a hi or hello if there's a restraining order involved, a poke could also land you in jail. Tennessee resident Shannon D. Jackson discovered that the hard way in October 2009.

Jackson had a protective order against her that prohibited her from having any form of contact with the woman who filed the restraining order. It was all going well until she “poked” the woman, which led to her being accused of a Class A misdemeanor. (To those of you who are wondering what a Class A misdemeanor is – all you need to know is that this means imprisonment for up to a year.)

The authorities in this case considered Facebook poking a very serious offense. (In order to poke someone you have to first select the person with who you want to make contact.) So, make sure you watch who you poke in the future especially if there's a restraining order in question!

3The Teen who was jailed for a Twitter prank

Yes, tweeting a threat is apparently now a trend. However, following the crowd ended badly for one teen who threatened American Airlines.

On April 14th, 2014, a 14-year-old girl played a slightly belated April Fools prank on American Airlines which landed her in jail.

A Dutch teen, Sarah, tweeted to American Airlines, “Hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye.”

What followed was a flurry of tweets between American Airlines on how seriously they take every single threat made against them, the Dutch police giving updates about the teenager being arrested and frantic last-minute apologies from Sarah.

While it was fairly obvious that the tweet was a prank, the girl was detained to set an example. Sarah was eventually released, but not before police had made their point.

4Google+ auto-invitation lands man in jail

Tom Gagnon had a restraining order against him that was taken out by his ex-fiancée. A Massachusetts court ruled against Tom for violating his restraining order. How did he do commit the infraction? Gagnon's ex received a Google + invite from him.

Gagnon claims that he never sent the invite and that it could be automated. Since the issue wasn't very clear, Tom was granted bail at $500 and issued a stern warning.

5The man who was kicked off a plane for venting on Twitter

On July 26, 2014 Duff Watson and his family were flying from Minneapolis to Denver on Southwest Airlines. Duff was an A-list member and as such had priority boarding privileges for himself and his kids. However, a gate agent refused to let his children board with him and after a brief exchange with the agent, Duff decided to join his kids at the end of the boarding queue, only to get kicked out of the plane as soon as he entered.

What did Duff do? He tweeted about his bad experience with the rude gate agent. How did the airlines respond? By listing him as a “security threat."

Everyone was shocked, as no profanity was used and no threats were made. Duff only tweeted about the agent's rude mannerisms. He was made to delete the tweet and only then was he allowed to re-board the plane.

The airline later confirmed that the issue was under review and sent Duff a $50 voucher along with an apologetic email, but Duff says he is never going to fly Southwest Airlines again. Luckily, no one was arrested in this fiasco.

6The teen who was arrested for texting in school

There are an endless number of ways for teens to get into trouble at school, but not many of those land them in jail. In Wauwatosa, WI a teen used her cellphone in class and was subsequently arrested.

The 14-year-old girl was arrested on February 11, 2009 and is said to have repeatedly denied even owning a cellphone. What exactly warranted the school authorities to call law enforcement officials is not clear, but a body search conducted by a female officer revealed that the girl had concealed the phone in her pants.

7Internet troll who was arrested for stalking herself

On May 4th, 2013, Kent County, MI resident Cheryl Nelson was arrested for stalking herself. How does that work, you ask? It's quite simple:

Step 1: Create a fake Facebook account with some personal information about your ex.

Step 2: Use it to threaten yourself as your ex or their newfound love interest.

Step 3: Call the cops.

Only one problem with that scenario – cops don't just eat donuts all day. They do know a thing or two about Facebook which Nelson realized the hard way.

Police were well aware that Nelson made several complaints against her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend over the course of 1 year, between November 2011 – October 2012. Eventually, a search warrant was issued against Nelson after her ex-boyfriend told the police about her disturbing behavior. A full investigation revealed the truth – Cheryl Nelson was in fact stalking herself as she was not over the relationship.

Nelson is not the only person who has done this – there are way too many incidents of this sort of activity from all over the world, and we just can't cover them all!

8 The teen who sexted his girlfriend and is currently awaiting trial

A 17-year-old from Manassas City, VA is facing felony charges of possession of child pornography and creating child pornography by sending a video of his privates to his 15-year-old girlfriend. If found guilty, the teenager could face prison for a very long time and be required to register as a sex offender.

Since everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise under the law, the prosecutors have gone to extreme lengths to build their case. They came up with the idea to photograph the teenager's aroused privates and use the photos to compare with the video on his girlfriend's phone.

If you think that is ironic, consider the fact that it was the 15-year-old who sent some explicit pictures first.

Unfortunately for the guy, he is currently awaiting trial.

9“Good For Nothing Girl” arrested for sharing 3D Printer files of her privates

42-year-old Tokyo based artist Megumi Igarashi, known as Rokudenashi-ko (Good-For-Nothing-Girl), found herself in murky waters when Japanese police arrested her, citing obscenity laws.

Megumi Igarashi began a project known as Manbo, which means "pussy-boat" when translated to English. Megumi said that she was just trying to explore the female form in Japanese art by designing a vagina shaped boat. The 3D files she shared are, in fact, an artistic version of her own genitalia.

While the male form is widely used in Japanese art, the female form is still considered taboo.

Megumi received money in exchange for the files, however, Japanese law suggests that selling obscene material over the web is illegal and proceeded with the arrest. You can see her pitch for the boat here (NSFW)

It is quite clear what Megumi Igarashi did was for art and cannot be considered as pornography. Hopefully art and commonsense will prevail.

10The manhunt is on for the guy who took a selfie at a bull run

The San Fermín festival in Pampalona can be traced back to the 13th Century. It is said that runners come from all over the world to participate in the 9 day festival. Records suggest that only 15 people have been killed in the event since the 1900s, but a countless number of people do get injured every year.

In 2014, one man was captured by the Spanish media trying to take a selfie during the final stretches of the bull run. This daredevil stunt did not go down well with Spanish authorities who have charged him for unauthorized use of recording devices and reckless behavior during the run.

The selfie of a lifetime is going to cost him a fine of €3,000 and some jail time too. Authorities have launched a manhunt to find the bull runner.

While the man might have gotten away with the ultimate selfie, many have criticized his stunt – he had to slow down to click the picture and as a result, he endangered not only his life but that of the other participants.

Not so cool bro.