10 Most Creative Engagement Photos

From zombies to The Matrix, take a look at some of the most eccentric and creative engagement photos.

1Couple recreates scenes from The Notebook

If the secret to a happy marriage is doing whatever your wife wants, this pair are on course for a fabulous lifetime together. The couple celebrated their engagement by recreating famous moments from the bride-to-be's favorite movie.

Cindy Gauthier, 31, and Jean-Nicola Barile, posed up for a shoot inspired by the 2004 movie The Notebook. Ms Gauthier claims that she's often told she looks like female lead Rachel McAdams.

2Couple parodies engagement photos

You know the standard for engagement photos – the woman looking daintily up at her intended while he looks broodingly into the distance, the couple holding hands in an awkward position so the engagement ring is front and center or the couple kissing on the beach while the bride-to-be is lifting one leg and pointing her toes. This couple decided to spoof them, and the results are hilarious, a creative engagement photo on its own!

3Couple Reenacts Breaking Bad in an Engagement Photoshoot

Hannah Schuster and Mackey Macaluso became Walter and Jesse for a day in an awesome engagement photoshoot inspired by the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

The couple were photographed by the bride's best friend, photographer Ashley Eubanks, with props provided by Macaluso.

4Lawyers creates Hollywood style Save the Date video

Two lawyers have posted a Save the Date video for their upcoming wedding, which by the looks of things could rival Kimye's nuptials.

The Vimeo video features high-profile San Francisco lawyers Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz. The event, dubbed “Boss Wedding," features the bride and groom in Hollywood blockbuster mode, getting ready for their big day. In one sequence, Obardo is seen getting in a helicopter and flying over San Francisco to meet Jentz, who is waiting for him in a smoky nightclub.

It is unknown what their real wedding day will entail, but the video lets viewers know that a formal invite is to follow.

Epic Save The Date {Bambo + Janice} from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

5Couple takes engagement photos based on "Friday the 13th"

Toronto couple Vanessa Lawson and fiance Josh Morden celebrated their recent engagement in Halloween style by shooting a series of Friday the 13th-themed engagement photos with photographer Brandon Gray.

Vanessa created the Camp Crystal Lake sign herself and did such a great job that during the photo shoot several passersby tried to find the nonexistent summer camp.

6Couple creates zombie-themed photos for engagement photo contest

Rebecca L. of Rebecca L Weddings hosted an amazing photography contest. She wanted to give away 10 free engagement shoots, with the most epic of them all winning their wedding photography as well! This couple decided on a zombie-themed photo shoot, and the photos turned out great.

7Couple uses LEGO figures for their engagement photo series

This is probably the first engagement photo shoot that doesn't have any people in it. Seattle photographer Shelly Corbett took photos of two tiny Lego Minifigures representing couple Marika and Justin, then put the minifigs in Legofied movie scenes like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars . The couple, who are not into the normal engagement photo thing, decided to use these photos as a record of their engagement.

8Couple takes engagement photo inspired by Super Mario Bros

Raúl and Blanca asked the photography studio Fandi.es of Valencia, Spain to take engagement photos of them with a Mario-theme.

9Geek couple takes awesome engagement photos

Ace and Karla knew they wanted to do a geeky set of photos to celebrate their engagement, but they couldn't decide between Scott Pilgrim, The Matrix, Harry Potter or Alice In Wonderland. Finally, they stopped trying to pick one and just did them all with the help of photographer Jervy Santiago.

10Husband-to-be copies his fiancee's sexy poses for engagement photos

Horrified at the thought of cheesy and contrived engagement photos, one couple decided to get creative with their celebratory shots. Casey Grim, 24, and Adam McLaughlin, 34, from San Francisco, chose to be photographed friend Red Scott individually rather than together, but with the groom mirroring the pose and clothing in each image of his future wife. The resulting set of photos is hilarious.

While Miss Grim looks beautiful in each of her frames, Mr. McLaughlin lends some humor to each one by mimicking her seductive gazes.