10 of the Most Hated People on the Internet

1Noel Biderman: The Owner of a Website Selling Infidelity

The self-proclaimed "most hated man on the internet," Noel Biderman is the founder and CEO of Ashley Madison, an online dating website for married people who want to cheat on their spouses.

Mr. Biderman has a net worth of $100 million, which has largely been amassed through his infamous and controversial online dating service.

With the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair," his website, which was launched in 2001 and is based in Canada, has over 22 million members from 30 countries.

Of course, after reading this you may be shocked and thinking "this man makes millions at the expense of broken hearts, ruined marriages and damaged families." But regardless of your opinion, it's impossible to ignore the website's blinding success.

However, Mr. Biderman is no stranger to the reactions that he has provoked in many of the countries where he has launched his site. He has received death threats from hate groups, and there's already a religious group protesting the site's existence in Hong Kong.

So let's hear some deserved applause for number one on our list of the most hated people on the internet, the man who makes millions off cheating.

2Melissa Bachman: The TV Presenter Who Hunted a Lion and Posted the Photo on Her Twitter Feed

Melissa Bachman, a TV presenter and an avid life-long hunter, recently posted this photo on her Twitter feed. She wrote, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion… what a hunt!"

After posting this, animal rights activists and the general public freaked out and immediately started harassing her. The harassment became so insane that she shut down her Twitter profile. Also, a petition has popped up on Change.org asking the government of South Africa to ban her from the country.

Commentators have come to the defense of Bachman. First, they say that Bachman was doing something completely legal with a permit, not to mention paying thousands and thousands of dollars to hunt legally inside South Africa. The anti-hunting lynch mob has implied that she did something illegal. She didn't. Second, the petition and description from Change.org are dishonest. Bachman wasn't hunting for "pure sport." All of the meat from the lion was donated to people in need, which is standard practice for a majority of African hunts. Third, hunting makes up a huge part of South Africa's economy, so banning hunters is suicidal. Thousands of legal lion hunts are carried out in game parks across the country in an industry that contributes over US$520m to the South African economy.

The big question: Is there justification in indulging in such acts of brutality?

3Hunter Moore: The Man Who Ran a Website Where People Post Naked Pictures for Revenge

Hunter Moore's business plan was simple; he got rich by publishing pornographic pictures of men and women without their permission.

He would encourage visitors to his site, IsAnyoneUp.com, to "submit noodz" (nudes) of their former girlfriends and boyfriends, as well as details about who the subject was and why they deserved to be featured. Along with the person's full name and location, links to social networks, usually Facebook, would also be included. Below each post appeared a stream of comments from visitors critiquing - to put it lightly - the victim's looks and body.

If anyone complained, they were ridiculed. If they threatened legal action, Mr. Moore ignored it. As many of the site's victims soon discovered, they were largely powerless to do anything about it, except Charlotte Laws, whose daughter was a victim of this unscrupulous site.

In October 2011, Kayla , a 24-year-old actress, took pictures of herself emulating sexy poses from fashion magazines. One shot revealed her left breast. On January 1, 2012, her email was hacked, and nine days after that the photo revealing her left breast appeared on IsAnyoneUp.com.

Upon learning of this, Ms. Laws emailed the site owner, Hunter Moore, and asked him to take down the photo (in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). He refused. So, she contacted Hunter Moore's publicist, his attorney, his hosting company, his Internet Service Provider in France, some of his advertisers, and even Moore's mother. She got nothing. Hungry for justice, Ms. Laws contacted law enforcement agencies.

Finally, three young FBI agents from the Los Angeles Internet Crime division took over the case. The FBI raided Moore's home and confiscated Moore's computer, cell phone, and other electronic equipment. They anonymously launched a massive technological assault on Moore, crashing his servers and publicizing much of his personal information online, including his social security number.

Hunter Moore ran the pornography site for over a year before shutting it down on April 2012. In his closure statement, he claimed that he could no longer deal with the "drama" caused when under-age content was submitted.

The case is still open today.

4The 7th Graders Who Bullied a Grandmother on a School Bus

"Making the Bus Monitor Cry" is one of three videos filmed in June 2012 which focused on a bus monitor/attendant who was targeted for bullying by four 7th graders attending Greece Athena Middle School. The video has gone viral and has received numerous video responses and news coverage, and a donation campaign was launched for the victim.

The video was originally uploaded on Facebook. A day later, a YouTube user reposted the video onto YouTube alongside two other videos with the titles "Bus Monitor Harassment," and "Bus Monitor Harassment 2." Within a few days, it had been watched by millions of viewers.

In the video, the 7th grade boys are heard bullying the bus monitor, Karen Huff Klein, with taunts that ridicule her appearance, age, and purse, as well as comments about "the water on her face," at first saying that it was sweat. Once she explains that she is crying, they reply that the reason is because she misses her box of Twinkies. They then proceed with remarks about Twinkies, call her a "fat-ass" constantly, touch her, and demand that she provide her address on camera. They also threaten to egg her house, urinate on her door, and stab her.

One boy refers to Klein's family, saying, "They all killed themselves, because they didn't want to be near you." In reality, Klein's oldest son had committed suicide ten years earlier. It was not clear if the boy who made the comment was aware of this. Klein attempted to ignore them, and forced herself not to retaliate. Instead, she made a few remarks such as "I know all of your addresses! I'm going to send you all thank-you cards, for being so nice."

Ms. Klein has worked as an employee of the Greece Central School District in Upstate New York for 23 years, spending twenty as a bus driver and three as a bus monitor. She is partly deaf and uses a hearing aid. At the time when the video was shot, she was 68 years of age.

After the bullies' identities were revealed, they received many death threats. The video prompted an investigation on the part of school officials and local police. Ms. Klein stated that she would not press charges against the students, partly because of the flood of death threats and criticism aimed at them.

On June 29, 2012, the Greece Central School District announced that the students, Luis Reicowould, Wesley Helm, Brandon Teng, and Joshua Slesak, were suspended from the middle school for one full academic year, and each boy would also be required to complete 50 hours of community service with senior citizens and complete a formal program in bullying prevention.

5Taylor Chapman: The Woman Who Filmed Herself Insulting Coffeehouse Workers

In June 2013, for some unexplained reason, Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Florida woman, walked into a Dunkin' Donuts with her iPhone in hand to record a complaint about not being provided a receipt for a prior purchase. Chapman was completely out of her mind and began to shout expletives and racial insults at employees. Chapman, who used profanities and derogatory terms for African Americans and Arabs, recorded the incident saying that she was going to post it on Facebook.

During the video, Chapman refers to a female worker as "a “dumb bitch” and “a complete cunt sand nigger whore.”

Before ending her recording, Chapman tells another customer that her video was heading for YouTube, where she hoped it would “get a million fucking hits.”

In a matter of days, Chapman, who has previously worked as a video spokesperson for such establishments as Happy Wok restaurant and an auto repair shop, became one of the most hated women on the internet.

Gawker, an American online media company and blog network, called her "pure evil" and the "worst person ever." The website The Smoking Gun described her as "horrible" in an article that spawned nearly 3,000 comments. New Times also published five articles calling Chapman a "local racist."

Since June 10, when The Smoking Gun posted her video, Chapman has changed her phone number, lost her job, and deleted her social media footprint.

However, according to New Times what most of those million-plus readers worldwide didn't know was that Chapman has struggled with mental illness for most of her life and been hospitalized at least twice. That's what the newspaper learned by consulting with Chapman, her fiancé, her friends, a former roommate, and public records. In 2011, she was arrested in Marion County under the Baker Act after exhibiting multiple personalities, according to police records.

6Pamela Foreman: The Girl Who Posted Her Own Video Celebrating the Japanese Earthquake

On Mar 13, 2011, Pamela Foreman (known as tamtampamela), a 21-year-old Florida woman, became one of the most hated people on the internet due to her “GOD IS SO GOOD” video, in which she celebrates the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami as a message to atheists.

In the video, Pamela is praising God for nearly destroying Japan, and saying that she prayed for the event to occur.

Her strongly hateful opinions were what really did make people question if she actually is a troll, or if every word she spoke was true. Within hours, as the video was rapidly increasing in popularity, the dislikes would reach nearly 105,000 votes, and it would receive over 500 comments every three minutes.

Quickly, internet trolls shared her personal information and began their ruthless pranks on Pamela. Pizzas and various other items would be consistently delivered to her home, along with the stereotypical phone calls she would receive of people threatening her. Twitter and Facebook users conveyed their horror and spread the video rapidly. Publications such as Vanity Fair, Gawker, Perez Hilton, Richard Dawkins' website, The Miami New Times, and the Examiner reposted the video. Later, she would be featured on "The Daily What" and labeled the “worst person ever.”

Before deleting her account on March 15, 2011, she posted a video saying that it was all a stunt and she was just a "troll."

Below is Pamela's original video description.


7Mary Snell and Britton Engel: The Mom and Son Who Posted a Photo of a Puppy in a Plastic Bag

In November 2013, Mary Snell, a 44-year-old woman, and Britton James Engel, her 21-year-old son, were charged with animal cruelty after they stuffed their new puppy in a plastic bag and then posted a photo of it on Facebook.

The photo of a tiny, white pup inside a freezer bag caught the eye of a man who voiced his concerns to the Sheriff's Office in New Mexico, US.

Snell acknowledged that putting the pup inside the bag was wrong, but explained her actions by claiming that there was no other way to keep the puppy still for a photo; the pair wanted to show how small the puppy was.

Fortunately, the puppy was not injured and was being cared for by another family member. However, this was not enough for angry cybernauts and animal lovers, who expressed their disagreement on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, etc.

The big question is this: Couldn't Snell place it on a table with a ruler?

8Matt Forney: The Blogger Who Posted Misogynistic Articles on His Site

The eighth place on the list goes to Matt Forney, a 25-year-old blogger from New York who is accused by cybernauts of being "nothing more than a misogynist internet troll."

Forney started his blog in April of 2012 to chronicle a hitchhiking trip he took in order to see all of America. But apparently his goals changed radically, and he began using his site to piss people off by saying offensive things about women.

However, the real hatred story behind Forney's blog began after he wrote two articles entitled “Why fat girls don't deserve to be loved” and “The case against female self-esteem,” in which Forney is urging women to have perfect bodies and no self-esteem.

As one would imagine, these articles angered people, who began to crudely insult the blogger via social media and personal blogs; but this only helped him gain even more popularity each day. According to Forney's infamous blog, these last articles went viral on Tumblr, garnering almost 80,000 views in a single day. The next day it actually doubled to just fewer than 170,000 views. He also received over a hundred Facebook notifications and unread emails, not to mention countless Tweets from offended and angry readers.

9Justin Bieber: The Most Hated Rebel Without a Clue in Latin America

In just three short years, the 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber has sold more than 15 million records. Perhaps more impressively, he boasts more than 33 million Twitter followers and is the single most-watched artist in YouTube history. But for every one fan of Bieber in Latin America, it seems there are four others who hate him. Also, on Facebook there are thousands of pages in which he's despised, and the jokes about his indulgence of spoiled children abound on Twitter.

So, when it comes to public mischief and bad behavior, and making everyone in Latin America hate you, leave it to Justin.

In November 2013, during Justin Bieber's South American tour in Buenos Aires, fans tossed a pair of Argentine flags onto the stage. Justin wiped them across and off the stage using both his shoes and the microphone stand. Many of Justin's Argentine fans were offended by his actions, which were captured in various cell phone videos and posted to Youtube. The pop star apologized via Twitter, claiming that he didn't realize that was an Argentinian flag.

However, this was Justin's second walk-off of the tour, and not the only controversy that Justin has faced while in South America. He was charged with spray-painting graffiti on a wall in Bogota (Colombia) and another in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a crime that, if convicted, could earn him one year in prison.

Also, a Brazilian woman posted pictures of him in bed after a night at a strip club in Rio de Janeiro.

These are just a few moments in a string of bizarre incidents from his whirlwind world tour in which the young star has acted like a spoiled child.

A video of Justin's flag incident is below. Watch for yourself and decide if the outrage is warranted.

10Jackie Chan: The Most Hated Celebrity on the Chinese Internet

In August 2013, Chinese comedic actor Jackie Chan received 6,400 hateful comments on Weibo (one of the most popular Chinese micro blogging websites) just for praising Beijing's blue skies.

You may wonder what's wrong with an innocent comment about Beijing's skies. But those on Weibo know why his post aroused such hatred. On Chinese social media, where exposing official hypocrisy is a national sport, nothing makes you lose street cred as quickly as supporting the government, and people on Weibo know that Chan has a history of parroting the Communist Party's stances on many things (for example, by claiming that Beijing's air pollution doesn't exist).

However, Chan's praise for the air quality – in a city infamous for its pollution – isn't his most outrageous moment in the face of Chinese public opinion. Below are some of Jackie Chan's most controversial recent blunders.

On the subject of freedom and democracy in the Chinese-speaking world, he said in 2009, "With too much freedom, we become like Hong Kong and Taiwan - such huge messes... I'm beginning to think that Chinese people need to be controlled."

Due to freedom of expression, which is a point of pride among many Hong Kong residents, Jackie Chan's anti-protest remark quickly went viral. "Hong Kong has become a city of protests... People scold China's leaders, or anything else they like, and protest against everything."

As you can see, with those displays of appreciation the comedic actor not only earned the hatred of Taiwan's citizens and Hong Kong's residents, but also the hatred of the Chinese cybernauts who joined the cause of hatred against Jackie Chan on social media.