10 of the Weirdest Deaths

1The woman that died of a heart attack from shock after waking up at her OWN funeral

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov from Kazan, Russia had been wrongly declared deceased by doctors on June of 2012. The horrified 49-year-old began screaming when she realized they were getting ready to bury her. She was rushed back to the hospital, where doctors had declared her dead from a suspected heart attack. Now her husband is suing the Hospital. "I am very angry and want some answers. She wasn't dead when they said she was and they could have saved her," he said. That experience must have being very disappointing, right?

2The bride who accidentally drowned herself while doing her nuptial photoshoot

A bride fell to her death last August of 2012 in the Ouareau River, about 75 kilometres north of Montreal. She was standing in about 15 to 30 centimetres of water while a photographer was taking her picture. A witness said her dress got heavy from soaking up water and the woman asked for help getting out of the river. The photographer and his assistant were unable to lift her out. That's when the woman was swept away by harsh currents and taken under water. Quebec provincial police found her nearly four hours after the incident. The woman, who was named Maria Pantazopoulos and had been married for a few months but wanted more photos of herself in her wedding dress at the river.

The 30-year-old newlywed may have been doing a "trash the dress" photo shoot, a trend in photography that puts well-dressed people in environments where they seem slightly out of place. This trend is often seen in destination weddings when brides challenge beach waves while wearing a wedding dress.

(Thanks, Nicole L S.)

3The man killed by a deputy near his own burial plot

David Pendleton, 77, whose wife had recently died, was only a few feet away from his own tombstone which was engraved with his name and date of birth in a family burial plot. When he was found by the police totally out of his mind, he instantly pointed a loaded gun at a deputy. The officer urged him to put down the gun but he still aimed it so he was fatally shot. Investigators have not yet determined when Pendleton's grave marker was installed.

4The teen who committed suicide by throwing himself to "Piranhas"

An 18-year-old Bolivian picked a bizarre and gruesome way to commit suicide, police say. The intoxicated teen jumped out of his canoe into a stretch of river infested with piranhas and bled to death after suffering dozens of bites. Police believe the death was suicide because the teen was a fisherman who knew the river well and was aware that it was swarming with the flesh-eating fish. Horrible choice of death!

5The man who died from spontaneous combustion

Danny Vanzandt's a 65-year-old man who was found incinerated on February of 2013 inside his home by his family. He died in such a manner that suggests he may have spontaneously combusted. "You could pour gasoline on somebody and he wouldn't be as badly incinerated," said a witness. Vanzandt drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes, but it was not possible for those factors to cause the type of fire that incinerated the body. The floor below the 65-year-old was not damaged and there was no sign that any accelerant was used. The autopsy shows no clue of how the fire started. What a mystery!

6The woman who died after accidentally being injected with soup

Ilda Vitor Maciel of Rio de Janeiro died in September of 2012 at the age of 88. A nursing technician mistakenly injected soup into the woman's IV in her right arm instead of her feeding tube. Maciel's daughter was with her when the injection happened and said her mother started to squirm uncomfortably and stick her tongue out as soon as the soup was injected. She said she had not seen her mother that physically distraught since being in the hospital. Maciel died just 12 hours after receiving the injection. The director of the hospital acknowledged the error, but does not admit it is related to the patient's death. The Medico-Legal Institute (IML), is still investigating the cause of death.

7"The serpent pastor" who died from a snake bite

Mack Wolford, a West Virginia Pentecostal who just turned 44, was bitten on the thigh in May of 2012 when he sat next to a rattlesnake during an outdoor service at a state park. He was taken to a relative's home to recover, but was rushed later to a local hospital where he was declared dead. Wolford believed that the Bible requires Christians to handle poisonous snakes to test their faith in God and to remain steadfast in their belief that they will not be bitten or will be healed if they are attacked. Holy snake!

8The man who died during an extra-marital threesome, with his family receiving $3 million as a result

William Martinez died in March of 2009 during a threesome with a woman who was not his wife and a male friend. In June of 2012, a jury granted Martinez's family $3 million in damages because his cardiologist failed to inform him that overexerting himself was a bad idea. They had previously sought $5 million, but it was determined that he was 40 percent responsible for his own death. Now that's what I call an expensive death!

9The man who shot himself during gun safety class

In March of 2013, Brian J. Parry shot himself in the head with a pistol during a gun class which was held at a local gun range. His death was witnessed by more than a dozen people, including children. One of the witnesses said the man who shot himself had appeared lonely and "deflated" during the classroom portion of the class and apart from shooting himself, he never spoke to anyone or raised his hand to ask questions. Wow, now that's creepy!

10The Swedish man that was killed by his own lawn mower

A man in his mid-forties died while mowing a lawn in southern Sweden. We think he was mowing the grass on what turned out to be a severely steep incline, a witness said. The man, who fell with the machine, went under the mower and was ravaged badly by the blades. When it comes to weird, that's quite a bizarre way to die, right?