10 Most Unusual Websites

1ashleymadison.com: dating site for discreet encounters and extramarital affairs

A dating website is nothing new, but ashleymadison.com has one unique difference: it is marketed towards those already in a committed relationship. “Life is short, have an affair” is the site's slogan and its founder, Noel Biderman, is a happily married man. Although the site has drawn heavy criticism, no one can deny that the business venture is a huge success, receiving roughly 1,800,00 visitors per month.

2afterlifetelegrams.com: sends your message to the afterlife

With the help of terminally ill volunteers, this website is sending telegrams to people who have passed away.

For a donation of $5.00 per word (5 word minimum), telegrams can be delivered to people who are already dead. This is done with the help of terminally ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed away. This is called an "afterlife telegram." The $5.00 per word fee, depending on the wishes of the messenger, is either given to a relative, donated to a charity or used to pay for medical bills. The company does not keep any of the fees from the sale of the telegrams.

3sulabhtoiletmuseum.org: a virtual toilet museum

Who said that toilets are insignificant? Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of this website, believes so much in the crucial role of toilets in the history of mankind that he has been involved in a non-profit organization in the field of sanitation. From there, he had this idea of a museum that displays the evolution of toilets and their various designs. The actual museum is located in Sulabh, New Delhi, India. In case you can't go there, you can just browse this virtual museum.

4cousincouples.com: provides support, resources, and info for cousin couples

Is the world forbidding your love affair with your dear cousin? You're not alone. In this website, cousin couples are provided support and factual information concerning cousin marriage. They believe that the combination of this special intimacy and romance often make for a strong, beautiful, intimate, loving and extraordinary relationship. Many of their participants have successful, legal marriages and long term relationships with their cousins despite society's obstacles.

5alienabductions.com: provides you with an out of this world abduction service

If you are looking for the kind of experience that will rock your boring life, look no further! Alien Abductions Incorporated will provide you with a personalized, realistic memory of the alien abduction that you have been waiting for your entire life. Their team is composed of highly trained professionals including doctors, hypnotists, and memory implant technicians-- all to give you the time of your life.

6snapbubbles.com- where you can pop bubbles online

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself? Yeah, snapping these bubbles is just addicting and you don't even know why. The saddest part is when you run out of bubbles to pop and you don't know how to go on with your life. Worry no more! A genius has already solved this problem. Now you can snap bubbles all day long!

7positivesdating.com: dating site for HIV+

Giving up on love because of HIV? Think again. In this website, you can find people who share the same sentiment.

This site's HIV positive singles are united by common goals, like finding great matches, making new friends, forming romantic relationships, meeting life partners or even receiving helpful guidance and advice from others in the HIV+ community. You will find true, lasting love at PositivesDating.com.

8despair.com: world's best demotivator

Words of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration-- you've heard it all before. To bash the motivation industry, here is Despair, Inc. Claiming that the motivation industry has been crushing dreams for decades by selling the easy lie of success, Despair decided to differentiate itself- by crushing dreams with hard truths!

9Not mensa (mockery.org): a virtual society of idiots

If there is a society for the highly intellectual, then there is also a society for the stupid—Not mensa. The founder, John Smythe, got the idea when he was denied membership in an elitist club for intellectuals on the grounds that he was stupid. Rather than committing suicide, as many dejected and rejected people do, John used his disappointment fruitfully. He established a society for the hard of thought. To be a member of this prestigious group, just take their online IQ test. If you are stupid enough to qualify, you can apply for free membership. Remember, only the dumbest 5% of the population make it into this elitist club.

107billionworld.com: displays each person in the world on a single page

Just trust that 7,000,000,000 of us are displayed on that page and that nobody is missing because if you try to count, it would take more than 110 years to count them all (that's assuming you can count fast, at a speed of 2 people per second!).

The website claims that 7 billion people so beautifully displayed together on a single webpage is a visual testament of the human condition of every single one of us, and all of us together, on our planet earth. It is made available for everybody in the world to watch at any time, adding to the feeling of sharing something in common.