12 Most Unusual Places For a Bird’s Nest

Redditor gorbok writes that a friend of his found this on his car after he had left it in a parking lot for six days. What did he do with the bird and her eggs? The nice man decided to leave the car parked until the eggs hatch.

Birds' nest on some traffic lights.

Golda Gleason found this conglomeration in her gas barbecue. She had seen some birds fly into the side of it one spring day. This is what she found when she opened it up. Can you imagine how long it took these birds to build this nest?

A lady in St. George found this little nest on her wreath next to her door in a protected alcove. She called Marilyn Davis, head of the Red Cliffs Audubon, to tell her about it.

A family of birds made a nest in a public ashtray in Wales. Though it's not the best place for young birds to start their life, some people took care of the improvised nest and left warnings for the smokers.

Bird incubating at an unusual nest site, Bronte Harbour.

Nest inside old shoes.

A mother thrush laid five eggs in the engine of a hired minibus at Claro Barracks, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. The Army had been renting the vehicle for 30 pounds a day and have to wait for the birds to fly the coop before they can return it; it has cost them about £1,000 so far.

A pair of blue tits were aiming high when they decided to nest in a jet at RAF Marham. Their nest is tucked away under the tail of the Victor Gate Guardian which has seen a lot of coming and going in recent days. The birds are in no danger of losing their home though, as the Victor is now only a static plane which stands near the base's main gate.

She wasn't looking for five-star luxury, but a little privacy might have been nice. Instead, Rosie Shapter had to share her Travelodge room with a nesting pigeon. Mrs.Shapter, 60, opened the door to find the bird flying around inside. She shooed it out the window but then couldn't get to sleep because it cooed continually on the window ledge.

The following morning she discovered why... it had been chased from its nest, containing a single egg, underneath her double bed.

A strange place for a birds' nest inside a small restaurant in Vassiliki, Greece.